Missouri Tiger football

I spent probably an hour on saturday (split over the course of the day) looking for the Tiger game on the radio and checking scores. I couldn’t even find it on the internet.

Apparent they don’t broadcast games until they are actually played? Turns out that this week was a bye. Oops


YEAH … they are suppose to start putting in my basketball net today. I would have done it myself, but anytime Joe says spend the money, I don’t argue.

They asked that I mark 2 spots, incase they hit rocks while tryingt to dig the hole. I laughed, and then explained that regardless of where they dig in my yard, they will hit rocks,…, lots of them. I also told them that the WOULD be hand digging — the are going to try to use an auger. The neighbor’s contracters tried that — and then rented a backhoe.

I clearly marked where the line runs for the sprinkler system — what are the odds that I will be getting a call in a couple of hours that they hit it — hmmm.