Kids on Halloween

Justin was Harry Potter, Danielle was a Dalmation, and Allison was a “Witchie Poo”

After Trick or Treating for several hours, Me, Danielle and Justin went to see some Haunted Houses/Garages.  The one had a cow’s tongue and cow’s heart sitting near the entrance and they finger printed you on the way in.  Danielle stayed in the car with the nieghbors for that one.  Justin was “a little freaked out” by that one as well.  Mark that in the bad parent column.  Oops.

New office games

Four of us usually go to lunch together: Me, Ryan, Ben, and John.  After lunch today, Ryan bought a new 80 Gig hard drive and a case that allows it to be connected via fire wire.  He is really eager to get some videos he recorded on his machine and edited (I don’t think its porn, but I can’t be sure).  While he was unpacking his new toys back at the office, the Fire Wire cable mysteriously grew legs and rotated between Mine, Ben, and John’s cube.  It was kind of like “Office Hot Potato” where the loser is the one that has possession of the cable when Ryan finds them.

Rules of Office Hot Potato:

  • Take something that the person will actively be looking for
  • The item must remain in view at all times (you can’t conceal it as you walk by their cube)
  • Once you receive the item, it must remain in your cube for at least 5 minutes

In two days, we’ve come up with two new games.  I wonder what will tomorrow bring…

Daily Adrenaline Rush

I was walking to the break room when the urge grabbed me to jump around a corner and into a co-worker’s cube.  I sunk below the cube wall height and pounced.  He was very focused on his screen, and I caught him totally off guard.   He was chewing on one of those big stick pretzels at the time, which he inhaled. He started to choke, and his eyes got very big.  I had a flashback to when my sister was 3 and choked on a pretzel.  My father barely got her to the hospital in time, where they had to give her an emergency tracheotomy.  He falls from his chair to the floor, and I’m too freaked out to do anything, even to call for help.  My heart was pumping hard and I started to think, “Oh crap, I just killed somebody. Now what do I do?”

No one else was around, so went to the break room and pretended that nothing happened.  I decided to get chocolate and soda instead of water.  I wonder if anyone has found him yet…

Chocolate Chip Cookies…Continued

It took less than 72 hours for me, Brenda, and the kids to devour the 40 Nestle chocolate chip cookies.

I admit that I probably ate the bulk of them.  I tried to pace myself, I really did.  But in the end, they were just too damn good.  Each time I opened the container, I grabbed 2 or 3.  I got busted by the kids on several occasions, which meant giving them one or sharing (no really, I actually broke off a measurable piece of cookie and shared it…No, it doesn’t mean that I will share food with anyone but my wife or kids).

Brenda has a great trick when baking cakes or cookies.  The takes them straight from the oven, and puts them in the freezer.  She also wraps them pretty quickly as well, although I don’t know how she keeps from melting the plastic wrap.  This trick traps the moisture in.  I knew enough of it to make the cookies I made pretty damn good.  Now I know why my mother always makes such large batches.

The Zee Ohhh Ohhh

Friday night I was supposed to meet up with Brenda and the kids at the Zoo. They have it decorated for Halloween. We are zoo-friends and usually go to the halloween and other specials pretty often.

Brenda was running behind, so rather than meeting her there, I drove home first. The weather was cold and rainy, so we decided en-route to go out to eat instead.

Plan B – The Cheese Cake Factory opened about a week and a half ago, so we figured if the wait was an hour or less we would go. Brenda and the kids had been trying to surprise me, because they had heard it was being built before I knew. I love the Cheese Cake Factory. I have eaten at several of them in California, one in Boston, and possibly one other. When I worked at Anheuser-Busch, it was a must to eat their whenever we were at the LA brewery. For me that was 6 months straight.

Anyway, while I circled the parking lot looking for a place to park, Brenda stood in line for 5 minutes to find out that the wait was 2 and half hours. I guess I’m not the only one in St. Louis who’s heard of the Cheese Cake Factory.

Plan C – mall food. Danielle had Chinese, and Justin and Allison had cheese pizza. Brenda and I split a Gyro and a Greek Salad. Big cookie for dessert. Not bad, but certainly not the Cheese Cake Factory. Note to self — have a better Plan C.

Saturday Morning, 9 am soccer game. Brenda is working all weekend, so I have the kids to myself. Damn it was cold. Mid day, the kids ask to go to the Zoo. Jim’s response – “We’ll see.” This is parent talk for “I doubt it but I don’t want to hear you whine about it and I’m hoping you’ll forget.”

Sunday Morning, 9:00 am:

Allison – Daddy can we go to the Zee Ohhh Ohhh. Additional Note to self: Spelling around 3, 4, and 6 year old no longer safe.

Danielle: Yeah can we go to the Zee Ohhh Ohhh. Mommy said…

Justin: Yeah Dad, can we go.

Jim thinking: Damn it, they didn’t forget and now I’m going to miss at least part, if not the entire first half of the Ram’s Game (turned out to be exactly half).

Jim on phone to Brenda: What time does the Zoo open– 9:00, ok, gotta go.

Jim to kids: Everybody get their close on. Tell me the ONE thing you want to see at the zoo.

Allison: Everything

Danielle: Everything, no Giraffes

Justin: Snake house

Allison: Everything, ok Monkey’s.

Jim (aka Daddy): I want to see the new hippo exibit.

3 hours with the kids at the Zoo in perfect weather was worth missing half the game, since it was 14 – 13 at the half anyway.

Highlights: The Cheetah’s where walking around, which was pretty cool (plus one of them pooped on a log). Got to see the new Hippo Harbor. We got to pet a snake at the children’s zoo. The halloween decorations were up so they got to go through 2 seperate mazes. No fighting or crying until the end (Alli was pretty worn out).

Question: Did I say Cheese Cake Factory enough times in the post so that someone searching Google for Cheese Cake Factory, St. Louis will find this Blog entry???