Plans for the long weekend…

2:00 pm  – Mom’s House
2:10 pm  – Mow field behind Mom’s house for Football
4:00 pm  – Turkey Day Dinner
4:20 pm  – Someone will realize the rolls are burning
7:00 pm  – Plan on leaving Mom’s House
8:30 pm  – Actually leave Mom’s House
6:00 am  – Kids wake me up
6:10 am  – Try to keep kids from waking Brenda
7:00 am  – Brenda gets woke up by screaming kids
7:01 am – 11:00 am  – Do as many Honey-Do’s as possible to make up for the rest of the day.
11:00 am  – Leave for Football
12:ish pm – 3:ish pm  – Annual Turkey Bowl Football game
3:00 pm – ???? am  – D and D at Sanz-Agero’s
6:00 am  – Kids wake me up
6:10 am – 8:30 pm; – Be in a pissy mood because I’m tired
??:?? pm Try to watch some football?

White Castle

Brenda didn’t get home from work yesterday until about 7 pm.  I had told her that I didn’t make much for dinner, so she stopped at White Castle’s on the way home.  She bought extra, incase the kids were hungry.  After her and the kids were finished, there were 2 Whitey burgers left.

Allison offered the burgers to me, but I said “No thankyou, I’m not hungry”.  She then offered them to Brenda, who said that she would eat them later (She wasn’t really planning to eat them, but its hard to say no to Alli).  Allison took the burgers and placed them in the freezer.  By now it was time for bed.

This morning, Alli woke up, came downstairs, and almost immediately went to the freezer.  She took out the burgers and handed them to Brenda, expecting her to eat them.

Frozen Whitey’s first thing in the morning — not  a pleasant thought.  Brenda managed to dodge eating them for breakfast, but I don’t think Alli is going to let her get away with it much longer…

Blog Shorts

Exit – 7, Plague – 4

My friend Dan played with us last night.  He had a beautiful goal — puck squirts in front of the net, right on to his stick and he quickly snapped it past the goalie.  Of course he was playing defense for us at the time and was actually trying to clear the puck out from in front of our net, and it was our goalie that he blew it past… but it was pretty (and pretty funny)

I had a rough night.  I slipped and fell at least 3 or 4 times for no good reason.  I miss fired on some of my passes, and missed a couple scoring chances.  I did have a goal and an assist though.  Billie the rink rat scored twice for us, and Forest scored a goal (very surprising — He can amaze you with his play (puck control, passing, shooting)  — it will be good or pretty bad.


Attack of the Clones (DVD) was on sale at Walmart yesterday for $10.  Don’t know if the sale is still on or not.  They also had the new Lord of the Rings Special Edition DVD for $25 (I think).  I bought both.  Don’t know when I will get a chance to watch them…

Oak Tree Update:

The oak tree in my cube is getting HUGE.  It is about 7 inches tall and has 4 leaves.  The blade of grass took offense at its new neighbor, and has decided to grow a new strand that is taller than the tree.  I think the tree will eventually win the fight though.

Blog Shorts

Blog Shorts
Last night

me: Good night AlliKat

me: Good night Dandelion

me: Good night…Justin, what should your nick name be?  JD?  Justin Time, Justin Case?

Allison(3): Justin Quesadilla?


Saw an old friend at the mall a week or two ago.  He once introduced me to this poem:

Frozen Pond
Stupid Frog

The Weekend

Brenda and I had a relaxing in Columbia and at the Yates House B and B in Rocheport void of children and pets.  Strangely most of the conversations drifted back to the kids and the dog.

Oak Tree

Here is a picture of my oak tree in my cube


About 6 months ago I began a quest.  I wanted to grow a tree in my cube.  At first, I tried to grow an apple tree.  I brought in a little plastic cup with topsoil, fertilizer, etc.  I placed an apple core in the dirt, thinking this was the most likely way that an apple tree would start in nature.  I watered the dirt every day, but nothing happened.

After about a month, I placed additional apple seeds in the cup, minus the core and planted them at a varietey of depths, including sitting on the surface.  I again watered the dirt daily, and waited patiently.


I decided that apple trees were not suited to either plastic cups or office buildings, so I decide next I would try an oak tree.  A couple weeks ago, John O, brought me in 3 acorns.  After about a week, we noticed a small sprout in the middle of the cup.  This did not look like an oak tree, so we decided it must be an apple tree that had sensed the competition.  We watched it grow and grow, eventually realizing that it was a blade of grass.

Damn it, not I have a lawn in my cube but no tree.

Another week had gone by when John noticed what looked like a growth from one of the acorns.  We watched and watched, but the acorn did not continue to grow.  John kept swearing to me that they always pop up in his yard.

Finally, last week, one of the other acorns sprouted.

I now have a 3 inch Oak tree in my cube.  Its not giving much shade yet, but there are leaves starting to show themselves at the top.  Another week and it should be tall enough for Ryan to climb it.

John tells me that I will eventually have to transplant it.  Apparently you can’t grow a 100 foot tall tree in a 3 inch plastic cup.

Side note: My blade of grass is now 8 inches long — just like at home.