PF Chang’s St. Louis – Review

St. Louis now has a PF Chang’s.

Previously, I’ve eaten at PF Chang’s in Las Vegas and Irvine, CA and was pretty happy with the restaurant.  If you’ve never been to a PF Chang’s, its probably worth a visit.  The stone statues out front and inside are kinda cool and the ceilings are probably 15 ft, giving it a very open feel.

The PF Chang’s in St. Louis opened today.  John, Ben and I went there for lunch.  Some things were obvious right away:

  1. Our waitress had never waitress before (she later told us)
  2. People in White shirts were trainees
  3. People in Blue shirts were trainers

To start things off, our waitress was completely flustered by the way we chose to sit at the table – 3 people at a four person table, and Ben chose to sit at the outside, rather than the inside.  She had no idea what to do, because she wanted to set something (sauces, etc.) where Ben was sitting.

For some reason the waitress (she never told us her name), REALLY wanted to pick our food for us.  We told declined her offer.  We started with Spring Rolls as an appetizer.  I ordered Orange Chicken, John order Orange Beef (she said No, “two of the same taste ?!”), — OK, John ordered the Mongolian Beef.  Ben said – you can pick (since she really wanted to anyway).  Of course, little did we know that Ben allowing her to pick, meant that she got to pick EVERYTHING.

We ended up with Orange Beef (John didn’t care for the Orange Peels in it, but I like them — in moderation), Lemon Pepper Shrimp (pretty good), and something we think was called Chicken with No Fun noodles.  John adequately described this as chicken through the garbage disposal.

We ate all of the Orange Beef and most of the Shrimp dish, but had them take the Garbage Disposal Chicken off of the bill.  Even with 2 entrees, 3 drinks and an appetizer, the bill with tip was $40.

In short, PF Chang’s will not be added to the normal lunch rotation.  The food to dollar ratio is not high enough, and although I liked the food, it didn’t wow me.  If the entrees were lunch sized and a few dollars cheaper, it would move up on my list.  I still probably go back to PF Chang’s  for dinner sometimes.

Now to see if I had enough instances of  PF Chang’s and St. Louis to have my review rank high on google….


Submitted by asoon at 12/10/2002 2:10:31 PM

    Where is the new P.F. Chang in St. Louis?

    Having been to couple of others P.F. Chang’s around the country, I’ve always been impressed by their decor, but not by their food.

Submitted by jim at 12/10/2002 2:51:27 PM

    PF Chang’s is on the east side Clarkson, about 1 mile south of Highway 40, across from the mall.
Submitted by frank at 12/10/2002 3:38:07 PM

    PF Chang’s is to chinese food what Chevy’s is to Mexican food — Americanized for the average American. It’s decent food, but not spectacular.
Submitted by Danabastard at 12/11/2002 1:23:24 AM

    I’m average. Do I have to eat there?
Submitted by jim at 12/11/2002 7:34:14 AM

    I don’t think that Chinese Chevy’s is what they were going for. — Chinese Chevy’s — isn’t that the game that looks like the Star of David that you play with the pegs are marbles?
Submitted by freddyferret at 12/11/2002 7:56:53 AM

    Um…..I think that would be Chinese Checkers. Chinese Chevy’s are cars that get exported.