How the weekend went…

Thurs: Went according to plan, except that the rolls were burned a little earlier than expected (about 3:45).

Fri: Football was fun, as always.


  • Injuries:  Dave Canada – Knee, Tony (Dan’s neighbor) – head; lots of blood.

D & D – played till almost 3:30 am Sat.  Fun seeing all of the guys.  We spent $80 to $100 on Junk Food — Chips, dips, Coke, more Coke, etc.  No one died — too bad.

Was awake Saturday morning by 7:30.  Held off being crabby till yesterday.


Submitted by ben at 12/2/2002 9:49:10 AM

    i’m still a little sore. i see why that’s an annual event…
Submitted by Danabastard at 12/6/2002 9:32:10 AM

    I’ve never been that sore for that long before. (WED.) I suppose each year it’ll get worse and worse. YEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    Great picture of Tony’s brains. You don’t see any? Well, that’s another comment altogether.

    What a great weekend. Why aren’t they all like that? (I blame my wife. Soon, I’ll blame my kid.)