Blog Shorts…

Look’s like Catholic Priest aren’t the only ones.  I saw a sign in front of a church (possibly Presbyterian), that said:

  • Sex
  • ….What they aren’t telling you
  • Youth Video Series

I’m not a smoker, so I don’t know, is it acceptable smoking etiquette to smoke a cigarette while cutting your child’s birthday cake?  If so, is there a limit to how long you let your ashes get?

In Missouri, the term Hoosier normally has negative connotations.  In fact when I first heard that the University of Indiana were the Hoosier’s, I wondered why they would pick such a name.  Once I understood the origin (at least somewhat), I tried to stop using the term that way.  My brother Rick moved to Vegas and said people wonder what Missourian’s have against the state of Indiana.

Yesterday I was sitting in the McDonald’s drive through.  I pulled into the drive through at 12:30.  There was one car in front of me.  The license plate was from Indiana.  As I sat staring at the guy ordering, I wondered, is it possible this person has never been to McDonalds.  Cars pilled up behind me, at least 15 or 20 of them.  People started honking.

At 12:50 when I finally got up to the window to pay, I asked the Manager what the problem was.  He apologized, though I was pretty sure it wasn’t his fault.  Apparently the Hoosier in front of me didn’t understand how an extra value meal worked, so as the computer kept changing his order to extra value meals to give him a discount, he complained (I don’t want the extra value meal, I just want 2 cheeseburgers, a large fry, and a large coke).