Recent Conversations

Conversation I had with my boss in the hallway at work…

Brian: Wait, you are Catholic, You are going to hell

Jim: At leasts I get an afterlife. When you die, you’re done.

Brian: I think I prefer that to hell.

Jim: Nah, I don’t give up that easily. Besides, its probably not much worse than working here.

Brian: I will probably go to Purgatory.

Brian: What’s that like anyway? A grey room with a couch.

Jim: Pretty much. And a coffee table and a deck of playing cards with all the wax worn off. And its missing the Jack of hearts and the 3 of clubs.

Brian: Huh???

Conversation I had with John O and Ben at Harpo’s…Jim: Did you just see the little new blurp on CNN. A white couple just gave birth to black twins.

John: I think if I was the father I would be asking some questions.

Jim: It was a fertility clinic screw-up.

Ben: That sounds like a legal nightmare. What if the real parents were also trying to have kids and were unsuccessful. They might try to get custody.

Jim: It said that the Judge in the case said the babies would stay with the parents that gave birth.

Ben: Wow.

Jim: ( about our screwed up legal system) … of course the Judge said that if it had been white babies born to a black couple that he would have ruled the other way.

John: You are going to hell.