i decided not to take my advice and try to write a blog entry like kofuzi.  i seldom listen to myself anyway as it is difficult to both talk and listen at the same time.

i was thinking, which i do from time to time, despite what many might think, and i was thinking how nice it would be to ride my motorcycle in to work today.  stepping outside for my morning smoke and taking the dog for a walk i realized that it was much to cold to ride the bike today.  then i thought, heck, i couldn’t ride it if i wanted to.  it doesn’t have any gas.  how could it have gas after all, since i don’t own a motorcycle.  at that point i also realized that i don’t smoke and had to wonder what i had just lit on fire and placed in my mouth.

conversation i had with myselves during lunch

JIM: did you read that stlbloggers is having a contest to see who can write like kofuzi
ME: —
JIM: do you think we should enter
ME: what do you win
JIM: probably miracle whip.
ME: we don’t even like miracle whip
JIM: but its a contest, and we do like to win
ME: i think you are a little too competitive
JIM: really, i think we should do it
ME: what do we really know about this guy, you’ve never even met him
JIM: well, he has a lot of conversations with people that may not exist.
ME: true. and he likes to write blogs in lowercase letters and knows lots of moderately attractive women
JIM: and he’s afraid of most of the women he meets
ME: no he’s not. he’s afraid to meet most of the women he see’s
JIM: only if he finds them moderately attractive
JACK: what are you guys up to.
JIM: deciding if we should try to write a blog entry like kofuzi
JACK: well if you do it, don’t forget to say things like – this blog entry turned out just the way i had planned it except that its nothing like kofuzi’s style and not very interesting reading. unless of course you like reading blog entries like this
JIM: did you ever meet jack
ME: yeah, when we were like 6 and we made him up. i didn’t like him then and i don’t like him now
JIM: sure he was more of an imaginary enemy than an imaginary friend, but you don’t have to be a jerk about it
JACK: $- you. i’m out of here
ME: —
JIM: so do you want to enter or not
ME: not really, we have too much work to do
JIM: fine. i’m going to go see if anyone else has posted anything
ME: —

Iraq destroying missles…

I read on CNN that  Iraq has agreed to destroy its missles.  Anyone else wondering if they might do that by launching them at Isreal?