All Moved In…

We successfully moved our office across the hall last week.  We had to be out before Friday so the new tenants could move in.  My office consist of 13 people; all of them either software developers, software QA, or documentation.  For part of the day on Tuesday, most of Wednesday, all of Thursday and some of Friday we were turned into mover’s and laborers.  It was a nice break from work, but we had to be some of the highest paid movers ever.

The movers they hired to help with the move showed up with 40 boxes.  I used 5 just to pack my cube, so 40 wasn’t anywhere close to being enough.  The next day they showed up with 60 more.  Still not close to enough boxes.  The mover’s job was just to perform the moving, but none of the computer cabinets or hardware.  Our development staff had to pack boxes and rip apart racks of computers, cable, etc.

By late Thursday, Ben, John and I had laid claim to a conference room to use as our combined office.  We grabbed some old desk that we found laying about in the new area.  The alternative to the shared office was to work off of a card table out in the open.

Corporate decided to buy the cheapest office furniture they could find to furnish the new office.  They didn’t even take the time to have someone look at what they were buying.  Flash back to 1970.  Picture puke colored, anti-ergonomic, 6 X 6 cubes, turned that color in the only way to truly get puke color.  Also picture shiny gold and silver triangles for the top of the conference room tables and pink or mauve chairs covered in a quarter inch of dust.

My boss was pissed.  We sent pictures to corporate to show them what they had bought.  They promised to make it better…

As of the end of business today, we’ve seen no sign of the new tenants.  So much for the big hurry.