Giving back to the community…

I feal like I’m really doing my part to give back to the community. I was checking my referrers list, and I guess that I am THE SOURCE on the internet for:

  • The Mosquito Eater>
  • Why does Asparagus make urine (pee) smell (stink)
  • Mudding Drywall Inside Corner
  • …And most importantly…. Insect Porn

Glad to be of service.



…it’s the result of a simple chemical reaction. Asparagus contains a sulfur compound called mercaptan. (It’s also found in rotten eggs, onions, garlic, and in the secretions of skunks.) When your digestive tract breaks down this substance, by-products are released that cause the funny scent. The process is so quick that your urine can develop the distinctive smell within 15 to 30 minutes of eating asparagus.

But not everyone has this experience. Your genetic makeup may determine whether your urine has the odor — or whether you can actually smell it. Only some people appear to have the gene for the enzyme that breaks down mercaptan into its more pungent parts.


Submitted by kofuzi at 6/10/2003 11:49:49 AM

    if you happen to know the answer to the asparagus thing, i would really like to know.