Driving Tips inspired by Saturday mornings events…


If you are an old man in the turning lane with a pickup truck in front of you and a 1994 Green Toyota Camry behind you AND the truck in front of you starts to go but then stops, DO NOT run into the truck.  If you decide to run into to truck, DO NOT back up.  If you decide to backup and hear a loud sound that might be a horn of the person in the 1994 Green Toyota Camry , STOP before you hit the 1994 Green Toyota Camry.  Don’t worry too much about this tip, as you will only damage the license plate of the 1994 Green Toyota Camry.

Tip 2:

If you are a 17 year old kid driving an old Shadow and you are not in either of the left hand turning lanes, DO NOT cut across the two left turning lanes into a parking lot because you missed your turn.  If you do want to do this, make sure that there is not a 1994 Green Toyota Camry in the left most of the two left turning lanes.  If you decide to cut in front of 1994 Green Toyota Camry it WILL attempt to not hit you, by slamming on the brakes and turning sharply, but despite its drivers best efforts, it will smash into your rear passenger side door.  You WILL get a ticket when the police come to fill out the accident report.  The driver of the 1994 Green Toyota Camry will not.

BTW: Tip 1 and 2 were less than 30 minutes apart…


Submitted by John at 6/23/2003 8:20:09 PM

    Saturday must have been a bad driving day. I was pulling into a parking spot at the taco bell in Booneville as gentleman was backing out of his spot next to me. I hit the horn as the other driver came within 5/8’s of an inch from Kathy’s door. The guy rolled down his window to apologise so I rolled down mine as Zachary just keep saying Beep Beep which got him a nod also. Later in the day there was another near miss and I made the comment about it being a bad driving day and I did not want to drive anymore. I guess my luck passed on to you.
Submitted by MarsSoup at 6/24/2003 3:41:26 PM

    Note to self: Steer clear of Jim and John, who obviously attract wreckless drivers.