First Swim Meet…

Justin had his first swim meet last night. Boy were their a lot of kids there. He was both excited and nervous. When we got to the meet, he asked the coach if he could swim butterfly instead of breaststroke. Since there were no 7-8 boys swimming fly, the coach agreed to let him swim it. The scratched out his breaststroke card and wrote 25 Fly on it, and the event number. Butterfly was all he could talk about — he’s sure he can do 25 yards legal.

His first event was anchoring the 100 free relay. His stroke is looking better, but his turnover is non-existant. Question to the Collective of former or current swimteam coaches or wannabees (a.k.a. most of my brothers or sisters) – Should I continue to work on stroke efficiency or should I throw in some turn over drills? His relay took 3rd, and he split a 52.

His second event was 25 back. Usually he just sinks when he tries to swim backstroke, but his stroke actually looked pretty good this time. I think he added 5 yards to the race, bouncing from 1 rope to the other. He took 6th in his heet with a time of about a 53. We had some time before fly, so we hit the snack bar and chatted for a while. He was still very pumped about the chance to swim fly. He knew that all he had to do was keep it legal and he would get a ribbon. I told him that I would be proud as long as he tried.

After the snack, I sent him over to the bullpen for fly. As his event was behind the blocks, he came back to me and said – “They sent me back, they said it wasn’t time yet.” Begin Panic Mode. I rushed him to the block and ran his card to the other end. In all the confusion, I forget to remind him what event he was swimming. The race starts and he swims freestyle instead of fly. After the race, when he found out that it was suppose to be his fly event, he was crushed.

At that point we called it a night…


Submitted by MarsSoup at 6/24/2003 3:32:49 PM

    Oh, that is heartbreaking. I’m sure your son knows that you tried and that you love him no matter what.
Submitted by Diana at 7/21/2003 4:36:34 PM

    I can’t believe any of the wannabe coaches didn’t respond to your question. So now from the only real coach in the crowd. Technique, Technique, Technique. Speed comes, but if the stroke is inefficent, you’ll only get so fast. Do lots of catch-up freestyle, nothing bugs me more than a kid who’s turnover is unbelievably fast, but their hand enters right above the shoulder and leaves at the waist!