Pretty Good Father’s day…

Saturday morning Justin and I went to the Science Center.  Brenda had signed us up for a dinosaur class – “Digging up the past” as a Father’s day gift. Unfortunately, when we got there they informed us it had been cancelled.  They offered to let us do a robotics class instead, but Justin wasn’t interest.

Instead, we took advantage of our time in other ways.  We looked at thier prehistoric exhibits, fossils, models, ancient tools and arrowheads, etc.  Next we did the Lego Mindstorm — which is a lot more like programming a robot than playing with lego’s.  Our first attempt to slay the robot dragon with our robot boxer had a slight bug – missing the last instruction, but we quickly fixed the problem.  We added steps to have the robot do a victory dance then punch the dragon again.  Since we still had time, we built a second robot the blinded the dragon.  It worked flawlessly on the first try.

We completed the Science Center trip by building the arch, exploring the space station, using the robotic arm training facility, watching the stars, and finally  building the world.  Since we are members at the Science Center, the whole trip with parking, lunch, all the exhibits, was less than $10.

On the trip home, we passed by  a golf course, and I mentioned that we needed to get out and play again.  He thought we should do that instead of our original plan of going swimming.  We hit the little Par 3 – pitch and putt course on Hwy K.  I shot 2 over for the front 9, but the back 9 started off a little rough (back to back double bogeys on 11 and 12).  So the 13th hole I told myself to relax and just play a safe shot to the left-middle of the green (there was a lake to the right, but the flag was to the right of middle as well).  I took my lob wedge, did a 3/4 swing, and dropped the ball right where I wanted it.  It bounced once and started rolling toward the cup.  I started thinking — No Way –, and yet it kept rolling…until


Hole in one.

And Justin was my only witness. Not that was a Father’s day gift.  After the game, we went home, grabbed Danielle and went swimming.  To finish the night off, I went to see X-men 2 (after the kids went to bed).


Submitted by frank at 6/16/2003 12:53:51 PM

    Congrats on being the second Hofer to ace a hole. I’m due, I just know it…
Submitted by Joe at 6/16/2003 2:33:47 PM

    Congratulations! So, what was the distance? I hit my 3/4 swing, 60 degree wedge only 50 yrds. Hopefully the hole was a little longer than that. Did you notify the club “pro”?
Submitted by jim at 6/16/2003 2:37:33 PM

    Sorry, it was a really short hole…definate mixed emotions. I told dad it might be a “Hole in One” with an *. I didn’t notify the club pro.
Submitted by frank at 6/16/2003 3:52:09 PM

    An ace is an ace; it counts in my book. You should have the score card laminated and hung in your cubicle.
Submitted by frank at 6/16/2003 3:53:04 PM

    Since you didn’t notify the club pro, I assume that you didn’t buy the round of drinks at the clubhouse as demanded by tradition?
Submitted by jim at 6/16/2003 6:16:34 PM

    I bought Justin a drink…

    I saved the ball. It’ll never do better than it did on that hole. I’ve got the score card as well.

Blog Shorts…

I was driving on Hwy K the other day when I noticed the car in front of me had a hand written note hanging from the passenger side visor.  Written in big bold letters were the words “B U C K L E   U P”.  I glanced at the driver, and could tell that she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt….

Justin had his first swim practice last night for The O’fallon Torpedo’s.  I had a flashback (but not the good kind of flashback with cool special effects) to my first practice at Dellwood when Brother Joe was the coach.  The team started with one of the coaches leading stretching and arm circles just like Joe use to make us do.  The only thing that was missing was him saying – “Come on, my grandmother can do better than that.”

They lined the kids up behind the blocks, each lane with a different age group.  The kids jumped off the block or the side (their choice) into the 12 ft water and were to swim 25 yards to the other side.  Right before Justin’s turn, a girl jumped off the block and started to panic.  The coach and her mother kept telling her to swim to the rope, but she just paniced and treaded water.  Finally she did the classic place-my-hands-over-my-head-and-sink move that you see in bad old movies.  The head coach jumped in, wearing her jeans and brightly colored T-shirt to pull the girl out.  The coach calmly said – “maybe you should swim next to the wall tonight”.

Justin had a pretty good practice.  The coaches commented to him about how well he kicked when they were using kickboards.  He even did a start off of the blocks….then it rained and we left.  He said swim practice is a lot more fun than soccer practice.

BTW: The new tenants are finally starting to move in


Submitted by frank at 6/12/2003 1:14:22 PM

    What I like is when someone sports a Hang Up and Drive! bumper sticker, and when you check out the driver, it’s a woman putting on her make-up while doing 75 down the highway.
Submitted by John at 6/13/2003 8:23:43 PM

    I guess swimming talent skips a generation now and then.

President Bush

Last night I was giving Danielle (5) and Allison (4) their bath. Danielle placed a bucket on her head and said – “Look, I’m President Bush.”  I’m not quite sure what it meant, but I laughed anyway.

Later, during the deluge, we were standing in the sunroom.  She noticed a butterfly struggling to hold on to a window screen, despite the intense wind and rain.  She said, I think I’ll call him President Bush.  Again, not sure what it means, but I laughed anyway.  I think there is some symbolism here….

Giving back to the community…

I feal like I’m really doing my part to give back to the community. I was checking my referrers list, and I guess that I am THE SOURCE on the internet for:

  • The Mosquito Eater>
  • Why does Asparagus make urine (pee) smell (stink)
  • Mudding Drywall Inside Corner
  • …And most importantly…. Insect Porn

Glad to be of service.



…it’s the result of a simple chemical reaction. Asparagus contains a sulfur compound called mercaptan. (It’s also found in rotten eggs, onions, garlic, and in the secretions of skunks.) When your digestive tract breaks down this substance, by-products are released that cause the funny scent. The process is so quick that your urine can develop the distinctive smell within 15 to 30 minutes of eating asparagus.

But not everyone has this experience. Your genetic makeup may determine whether your urine has the odor — or whether you can actually smell it. Only some people appear to have the gene for the enzyme that breaks down mercaptan into its more pungent parts.


Submitted by kofuzi at 6/10/2003 11:49:49 AM

    if you happen to know the answer to the asparagus thing, i would really like to know.


Conversations I had with her on Friday at the work party:

* Tempe: If I were to go on a killing spree, this would be the place to do it. The houses are far apart, so no one would hear the screams.
* Tempe: I bet the walls are insulated too. The houses are so big; you could take your time…going room to room.
* Me: If you decide to do this, I would much rather be an accomplice than a victim.

* Tempe (as I reach for a strawberry): Don’t do that.
* Me: Why, is it yours?
* Tempe: Yes, I marked it.
* Jim – eats strawberry…
* Tempe: In the way a dog marks it.

BTW: Still no sign of the new tenants…

Posted by: jim on 6/9/2003 11:59:14 AM , 2 comments

Submitted by Tempe at 6/9/2003 5:42:05 PM

I never said that I would go on a killing spree. I merely pointed it out as a good location for one.

Submitted by jim at 6/9/2003 9:56:04 PM