John O and I ate lunch at the food court in the mall today.  On the way out, we had to pass through a department store.  There was a young woman trying to sell a new cologne called Spark.  She handed us the little slips of paper with the cologne sprayed on it.  We smelled it, and John wiped it on his face saying “cool, free cologne.”  I mimic John, whiping the paper across my face, but give myself a paper cut in the process.  To add insult to injury, there was enough cologne on the paper to cause the paper cut to burn more than usual.  I dropped to the ground, writhing in agony.  The girl apologized, but I lied and told her that it wasn’t really her fault.

Conversation with John O before lunch:

  • JO: My air conditioner is broke again.  My house is getting really fricken hot.
  • Me: I thought you had an all brick house?
  • JO: No, only the front is brick, and the sun doesn’t shine there, so it doesn’t help much.
  • Me: So THATS WHERE THE SUN DOESN’T SHINE.  People have been telling me to stick stuff there for some time.
  • JO: Well I wish they would stop saying that, its really kind of a mess.

Blog Shorts…

Danielle — on the First day of Kindergarten:

It will be the happiest and scariest day of my life

Allison found a cricket or small grasshopper yesterday and decided to name it Hopper and make it a pet (Editors note: it was small an green, so I’m not sure if it was a cricket or grasshopper ).  She was playing with it in the house, having it walk on her hands, etc.  I said something to the affect that I didn’t know if it was a good idea to play with a grasshopper in the house.  An hour later, I hear her calling “Hopper, Hopper where are you?”  She had let Hopper climb on her doll house, and wasn’t sure where he went.  I helped her look for a while, but to no avail.

Hopper is still at large.

Justin had his best fishing weekend ever.  In the course of a 2 hour period, he caught a 2 or 3 lb catfish and then a 12 inch Large Mouth Bass.  Of course he had to let me know how much bigger his catfish was than mine and how cool it was to catch a Large Mouth Bass.  Dad (a.k.a Grandpa, a.k.a. Grandpoop [per Nick]) got to hear his fish stories retold for the rest of the weekend…

I was thinking of putting a counter on my site:  Days since nearly being in an auto accident, but I thought I would spend too much time resetting it.  This morning I saw someone who was in a turning lane decide to pass someone else in the turning lane…passing them on the left (going into oncoming traffic).

What I’m wondering:

  1. If there was a large enough space to pass, why didn’t he think the guy would turn?
  2. If it wasn’t a big enough space for the guy to turn, why did he think he could get around him without hitting on coming traffic?

I was a little surprised to see someone coming at me head on, on HWY – K, in the middle of rush hour.

Conversation I overheard at Justin’s Soccer Practice Last Night

  • Soccer Mom 1 (SM1): I was glad to see they replaced the 1st grade teacher with a nun.
  • Soccer Mom 2 (SM2): Yes, every catholic school child should experience a nun as a teacher once in their life.
  • SM1: Of course they probably won’t let her smack the childrens hands with a ruler…
  • SM2: True.  I would be all for that…
  • Me (thinking to myself):  So that’s what “Fear of God” means.
  • Me (almost said): When I was in school, one of the kids punched a nun because she smacked him.

The Old Heidelberg


I just found out that the Old Heidelberg in Columbia burned down.  Sounds strangely familiar — Bar next to campus burns down.  Do they need another alumni center or what (See “The Shack”, 1988 ish – Where the author of Beatle Bailey used to hang out — Brother Joe or Bob Chitwood — help me out here)?

The Heidelberg had the distinction of being the closest bar to campus when I went their.  As a rule, if a teacher was 10 minutes late for class on a Friday, the class was moved to the Heidelberg.  This was also the place to go after morning finals to kill off all of the recently wounded and now expendable brain cells.

Hard to believe its gone.


The doors of “The Shack” were permanently closed May 18,1984, and, in February of 1988, the University of Missouri acquired the property from Franke for a proposed alumni center and pedestrian walkway. Fire consumed the vacant building on Halloween night, 1988. The cause of the fire was never determined.


Random Thoughts

  1. I’m not feeling very motivated to work right now.
  2. Most of my pens are running out of ink
  3. When typing, I tend to spell their – “thier”, but I don’t make the mistake when writing by hand.
  4. I wonder if I ran for congress if anyone would vote for me
  5. I don’t know where we keep the pens now that we have moved
  6. When your boxers have embroidered brand names, etc. on them is the negative-effect you see on the back side intentional or a side affect?
  7. Would I even want to be a congressman?  I think I would be good at it, but I don’t know how much I would enjoy it.
  8. If I want to find a new job, I guess I would have to write up a resume.
  9. Ben thought he knew where the pens were.  He was wrong.  3 people and 30 minutes of searching and I still couldn’t find the pens I was looking for.
  10. I didn’t really need the pens that bad.


Submitted by Laura at 8/18/2003 4:04:17 PM

    Since you were wondering…..I would not vote for you:)
Submitted by jim at 8/19/2003 9:50:33 AM

    Why wouldn’t you vote for me? Oh wait, maybe I don’t want that in print…
Submitted by Diana at 8/19/2003 1:36:56 PM

    I wouldn’t either, I think it’s the shifty eyes… and try a pen on a rope, you can wear it around your neck, not as cool as in your pocket protector, but you’ll always have a pen handy…unless what you really wanted was a pin, and you really are having trouble spelling, then you’re out of luck. those suckers are hard to find.
Submitted by La at 8/22/2003 12:50:09 PM

    If you were a congressman, I would never believe another thing you said and would always think there was a hidden agenda. Nothing personal.