Just Developed

I just got this picture back of me, Brenda, and the kids on a ship in the Atlantic, sailing into Hurricane Isabelisable_us.jpg

I don’t know why my hair looks so goofy.


Submitted by jim at 9/25/2003 3:57:12 PM

Submitted by Tracey at 9/25/2003 3:57:25 PM

    Who cares about your hare looking goofy, what the heck happened to your face?
Submitted by kat at 9/25/2003 4:08:10 PM

    regardless if that is a hurricane or not, it’s a damn cool picture.
Submitted by frank at 9/25/2003 4:34:30 PM

    Hey, weren’t you the guy on top of the WTC?

Birth Control debate Loophole?

The government (FDA) recently approved Seasonale, a form of birth control pill designed so that women only menstruate once every 3 months.  Research suggests that until girls reach puberty, they perform better in school than boys.  Girls talk earlier, read earlier, count earlier. In preschool, they score higher on IQ tests than boys. They usually receive better grades in elementary school than boys, yet in public schools far more gifted boys than gifted girls are identified by fifth grade. Girls tend to start falling behind in their talents and abilities sometime between the fifth and ninth grades.

Obviously menstruation is only one of the difficulties for girls as they reach puberty, but it seems like it would affect their ability to pay attention in class, how the do on tests, etc.  I’m wondering, will the time come where parents place they daughters on Seasonale or some equivalent in order to help them perform better in school?  Do parents now have a loophole where they can teach abstinence while supplying birth control?

Better Roll High

The kids got a new game called Dino Math Tracks. Justin and Danielle were playing.

Me – “Oooh, Danielle you better roll high or Justin is going to win on the next turn.”

Danielle picks up all four dice and …


In case you’re wondering, the odds of that roll are 1 in 1296.

Most expensive moving crew

Our cubes finally arrived this morning, so one again our office was turned into the world’s most expensive group of movers. There were large piles of boxes and computer crap where our cubes were to go, so we had to find new homes for everything. The logical plan was to barricade the fire exits since we never use those anyway (It was suggested, but we decided to cover the walls, windows and workplaces instead).

Listening to NPR again…

Sounds like Bush’s Faith based Initiative is moving forward. I was going to write a long rant on why I am opposed to this, but I would just be joining a long list of detractors:

* http://www.usatoday.com/news/opinion/raasch/r084.htm

* http://www.au.org/press/pr22001.htm

* http://slate.msn.com/id/2086617/

So I decided instead to offer constructive criticism. If the Federal Government thinks that these groups need more money, why not offer additional tax credits to those who donate to charities. Trust that people will donate to the organizations that deserve the funding. There is no need to make the Federal Government the middle man. By passing the money through the government, less money ends up getting to the charities (money must be spent deciding which groups deserve funding and distributing that money to the groups).