Turkey Bowl 2003

turkey bowl 2003turkey bowl
Here are the postgame team pictures for Turkey Bowl 2003.  Similar to ‘Where’s Waldo’ your job is to figure out who took the first and second picture.

We had 22 people play this year, and a handful of no shows.  The teams were pretty evenly matched.  It was not the high scoring affair of recent years, but the snow made the game Lamboesque.  I may have to mow 2 fields next year so we can do two smaller games and then have winners play winners, and whiners play whiners.

Blog Shorts…

I think I’m using the wrong toothpaste – I read the label on mine and it says it has Cavity Protection.  I was hoping for Cavity Prevention

Yesterday at work I was sitting next to the only female in our office, discussing QA using automated scripts.  She was talking about controlling the application using key strokes

  • Her: For Example, suppose you did Ctrl – B, O…
  • Me: Are you trying to tell me something…
  • Her: No, I, ah….It was just…

Taking Justin to school this morning.

  • NPR: …and they even arrested people trying to start a library.
  • Justin: Why would they arrest someone for starting a library?
  • Me:[[lengthy explanation]]
  • Me:Have you ever the saying – The Pen is mightier than the Sword?
  • Justin: No
  • Me:[[lengthy explanation]]
  • Justin: Did anyone ever say – The Pencil is better than the Pen?

Danielle’s version of Jack and the Bean Stalk

Writen and Illustrated by Danielle Hofer on Sunday.

Jack climbing the bean stalk
Here is Jack climbing the bean stalk to the Giants Castle
Jack with the giant
Here is Jack with the Giant
Jack's mom cutting the bean stalk
There’s Jack’s Mom cutting down the bean stalk
Jack and the bean stalk
This is just a picture of the bean stalk and the Giant’s Castle.
Falling bean stalk
Here is the bean stalk and the castle falling.
Jack with his mom
Here is Jack with his mom before Jack’s football game. He’s number 4.
Jack with his new puppy
Jack did so well at his football game that he got a new puppy.

Precognition/Deja Vu

I’ve been experiencing weird cases of deja-vu and precognition lately.  I am reading a book that I know I’ve never read, yet I seem to know the plot, characters, and storyline very well.  I am also reading a dungeon/adventure for D&D that seems very familiar, but I can’t be sure if I’ve ever played it.  I’ve also found myself reacting to thing faster than should be possible, such as turning of the alarm clock on the first beep. 

Of course since I don’t believe in precognition or deja-vu, the wiring in my brain must be getting faulty.  This seems likely, since I opened the microwave last night and found lemon juice that I was sure I had put into the refrigerator.

Conversation with Danielle

  • Danielle: Dad, I’m going to draw a picture of you.
  • Me: OK
  • mechalk.jpg
  • Me: That looks great
  • Danielle: Its not you, I think its a snail.