From the office of Congressman Todd Akin

I received the following response from my Representative:

Thank you for contacting me about the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA).

A broad-based coalition of community and religious leaders have come together to protect the sanctity of marriage from the actions of extremist homosexual “rights” groups. In light of the Supreme Court’s decision in Lawrence v. Texas, I am convinced that our nation may need to amend the Constitution in order to preserve the legal status of marriage and the family for future generations. The FMA embodies some of the most deeply held values of the American people.

The Federal Marriage Amendment is narrowly tailored to address negative developments in the courts. It would preclude courts from distorting the Constitution into a requirement that marital status or benefits traditionally associated with marriage – between one man and one woman – be reallocated by judicial decree. The FMA represent the deep public consensus on the unique nature and social importance of marriage. At the same time, the amendment returns to the democratic process at the State level authority that is currently being usurped by the courts and applauded by activist organizations, who have failed to convince a majority of State legislators of the correctness of their

As a supporter and cosponsor of this important legislation, I believe it to be a proper response to an ongoing and accelerating abuse of power by the courts.  Passage of the FMA would insure the power to determine who can receive the benefits traditionally associated with marriage remains with the people of the several States through their elected legislatures, not unelected judges. Matters of home and family should be left with those best able to articulate public policy, the people of the several States.

Thank you for contacting me to share your thoughts. Please do not hesitate to contact me again with any thoughts or concerns.

Not the response I would have hoped for but  pretty much what I expected.  My Senators have not responded to the email as of yet.

Submitted by frank at 2/27/2004 12:18:49 PM
    Yippee, you get a form letter. They saw your subject, didn’t read your letter, and are blowing you off. Translation: “The religious right gave me more money than you did. I’m bought and paid for. Get lost.”
Submitted by jim at 2/27/2004 1:15:53 PM

    This is the guy that I considered running against for his congressional seat.

    * He refuses to take the NPAT so that anyone knows where he stands on any specific issue.
    * He seems to be a party Yes man, voting the party line whenever possible.
    * It only cost a $100 to run for congress.
    * I figured I could get my positions out via a website and build my base that way.
    * It only takes 120K to 150K votes.

    Of course La said she would never trust me again if I became a politician, and I would have to move the family to DC…

Submitted by ben at 2/27/2004 1:24:42 PM

    You should have run… not just for that last thing either.

Poodle Party

It was raining Cats and Dogs at our house yesterday.  Mom brought over Gonzo and Rizzo to visit while she was watching the kids.  That means the house had 3 poodles puppies*, 1 half-beagle-half-border-collie, and 2 cats.  Mom and Dad appeared to have maintained their sanity, but they did mention that it was difficult bringing all 4 dogs outside for bathroom breaks.  They also mentioned that group accidents were on the schedule, as well as on the floor.

Jack seemed to be looking out for Fiona whenever Rizzo or Gonzo started giving her grief.  I was wondering if the 3 poodles would gang up on her.

*Until I had a poodle I never would have thought I would want one.  These are not the little yappie dogs, these are standard poodles that will be 50 – 70 pounds fully grown.

A letter to my Senators and Representative

I sent the following letter to my representative and Senators


I would like to start off by saying that I am opposed to President Bush’s plan for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages.  I am more than a little concerned that the President feels that this issue should take precedence over balancing the budget, creating jobs, or coming up with an exit strategy for Iraq.  I consider this issue to be of least importance – it doesn’t affect most Americans, no one is suffering or being harmed or killed by non-action, the States seem capable of dealing with the issue at a local level in a manner that the citizens of the state are happy with. 

With that in mind, I do not believe that the spirit of the amendment would achieve its goal unless it required that all marriage be life long commitments.  I respect your ability to vote your conscience on this issue, but I believe it is hypocritical to ban same-sex marriages without also eliminating divorces, as divorces seem to be a much bigger threat to the sanctity of marriage. 

My true hope is that you will decide to do nothing on this issue, avoid wasting tax dollars debating it, and vote against it if it ever gets out of committee.


James Hofer

Contact your Senator, or Representative.

Submitted by Rick at 2/26/2004 7:29:56 PM
    Every time I read your page you sound more like me.
Submitted by jim at 2/27/2004 12:01:02 PM

    Thanks, I’ll take that as a compliment.

Jack can read…I think

Danielle, Alli, Fiona, Jack and me went to Petsmart last night to return something, buy a new leash, and buy a couple of toys.  As we were getting ready to check out, we walked passed a sign that read – “Caution Wet Floor”.  So Jack did.

Presidential Match

According to this I should be voting Democrat this election.  Based purely on how we stand on the issues, I agree with the candidates the following percent of the time:

1  Kucinich Score: 100%
2  Sharpton Score: 96%
3  Kerry Score: 95%
4  Dean Score: 88%
5  Edwards Score: 81%
6  Bush Score: 13%

Submitted by Christy at 2/23/2004 1:56:51 PM
    I scored 100% with Kucinich, too. Sharpton was 2nd, but I don’t remember the percentage–Kerry was next with 89%, followed by Dean with 88%.

    However, I don’t think my top two matches will fly on election day.

Submitted by jim at 2/23/2004 3:50:47 PM

    I was happy that Kerry and Edwards matched as well as they did. I would have like more questions on the economy, space program, etc, but, since I didn’t write it…
Submitted by Christy at 2/23/2004 4:13:17 PM

    My “important” issues were listed, so I can feel good about going to the polls, not just to cast an “anti-vote” but a vote I can feel good about.
Submitted by jim at 2/24/2004 3:53:32 PM

    Balanced budget would be another key point. Maybe none of them are interested in balancing the books so they thought it wouldn’t make sense to ask…