7-UP or 8 is enough?

Brother Frank emailed me that there me be more than 7 Harry Potter books, dealing with Harry as an adult.  I don’t know if I’ll give her more than 7 books to complete this story. I was unimpressed with the amount of story development in the last one, especially considering the size of the book.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with the size of the book, its the amount of story I get for the size.

I’m actually looking forward to the next Eragon book more than the next Harry Potter book.

Submitted by drew at 3/4/2004 3:48:12 PM
    Yeah, I was thoroughly disappointed with the story line in book 5. I’m hoping she makes up for it in the next one.
Submitted by frank at 3/4/2004 4:04:57 PM

    Don’t hold your breath. I’ve heard that she doesn’t take editing suggestions well, so she ends up with a much longer, not as well written book. I’ll bet the next one will be just as long, and just as in need of “tightening up”
Submitted by drew at 3/5/2004 11:41:05 AM

    Yeah, book 5 definitely needed to see an editor. Heck, it needed to see several editors.
Submitted by jim at 3/5/2004 12:32:05 PM

    It’s also time to break the formula. Although the toad woman was cruel, you were pretty sure that she wasn’t working for V. I want something less predictable.
Submitted by frank at 3/5/2004 2:10:00 PM

Submitted by dragon gueen at 3/25/2004 1:19:49 PM

    this is da 1st time i have been on this site and i like what im reading from you lot out there in coputer land, does any one elsa think that a hole load of J.K’s plots are like ones from other books like L.O.T.R eg like the gaint spiders ete.
    does any 1 no when da elders is come’in out?
Submitted by dragon queen at 3/25/2004 1:21:21 PM

    o, and before i forget do u no when da new Artims foul is out?
Submitted by jim at 3/25/2004 2:10:39 PM

    I think she grabs some tidbits for creatures etc from other popular fiction, but I think she has only one plot she uses, or variations of the same plot.

    Elders is supposed to come out in mid to late 2005. It is done now, but they didn’t want you to have to wait 4 years after reading that before the 3rd book will be ready.

    Don’t know about Artims Foul. Haven’t read them, but have thought about it.

Submitted by dragon queen at 3/27/2004 12:32:24 PM

    thanks jim, artims foul is better than harry cos all da books r diffrent but u no wot goin 2 happen in harry p, but i have 2 say im still a fan of harry and im still goin to read all da books.
    however i dont no if i can stand to wait that long for Eragon! is there no way i can get it sooner? like in america? or is this site american and im goin 2 have to wait even longer here in england!
Submitted by jim at 3/28/2004 9:20:11 PM

    This site is in America. Believe me, if I could play editor for the Eragon series so I could read the books early, I would.
Submitted by dragon queen at 3/29/2004 11:30:51 AM

    i just finshed the book i was reading got anything 4 me 2 try?
Submitted by dragon queen at 3/29/2004 11:34:51 AM

    how old r u?
Submitted by jim at 3/31/2004 12:13:58 PM

    I guess one of these days I should do an about page with books to read, like everyone else does.
Submitted by dragon queen at 4/5/2004 11:07:18 AM

    yeah u should, my sister started me off on Northen Lights. have u read it + is it any good?
Submitted by dragon queen at 4/8/2004 12:06:41 PM

    and i started reading ‘Muddle Earth’ and it quite funny