Apricots anyone

Ben bought some California trail mix that contained dried apricots.  As noone in the office seemed to want to eat a dehydrated apricot, we decided to make Rehydrated Apricots (TM)

we rehydrated a raisin as well

after the first run, we decided to rehydrate all of the remaining apricots.

We didn’t have the guts to actually eat one though.

Submitted by Diana at 3/23/2004 3:58:16 PM
    Sometimes I wonder… does Jim really have a job, and if so, what is it??
Submitted by jim at 3/24/2004 3:10:10 PM

    It’s not always the most challenging job. I keep telling my boss to give me more work, but even when I am working, I tend to have time while our app is compiling to do other things. I told them I needed a faster machine, but they didn’t agree.
Submitted by Diana at 3/25/2004 9:01:39 AM

    Well, thank God you have trail mix to keep you entertained!
Submitted by jim at 3/25/2004 2:12:22 PM

    That’s done now, so I have to find something else to entertain me.
Submitted by Christy at 3/25/2004 2:25:53 PM

    How long did it take them to rehydrate?
Submitted by jim at 3/26/2004 7:54:25 AM

    Less than 24 hours

Kickin’ the Quarters @$$

After one day, I am beating the quarter 12 games to 10, but the quarter lost two of its final four teams, so it is pretty much out of the running.  On the downside, the other guy in the pool only missed 2 picks.

Tied with the Quarter

Although I didn’t enter any real office pools this year, Me and one other guy filled out brackets, and we flipped coins for a third bracket.  After 3 games, I am tied with the Quarter, who picked Texas Tech, Manhattan, and UTEP.  I was a little worried that the Quarter was going to pick all three games correctly, but Maryland ended up beating UTEP by 3 points.

Birthday Dinner at Chevy’s

Brenda, the kids and I went to Chevy’s last night for dinner.  As I was eating my Chicken Fajitas, the crew came out singing their birthday song and carrying a sombrero.  I became concerned as they were walking right toward our table.  Immediately behind me, they placed the sombrero on a guys head.  I said something along the lines of “Phew, I was afraid they were coming to me.”  The kids smiled, so I knew something was up.  Fifteen minutes later, they came out again, walking toward our table.  Again they stopped at a table right near ours.  At this point I heard Alli say something to the affect of, “Mom are you sure you didn’t tell them the wrong guy.”  Sure enough, as I finished dinner, the crew came out for the third time and placed the sombrero on my head.  The lighting in Chevy’s is not the best, especially for taking pictures with a phone.

jimhat1.jpg jimhat2.jpg
alli.jpg allison.jpg
justin.jpg danielle.jpg
daniellehat.jpg doughchimp.jpg

The last picture is of a chimpanzee that Danielle made out of tortilla dough.


Submitted by Diana at 3/22/2004 3:31:21 PM

    I am loving the monkey….haven’t you always wanted a monkey??

NCAA Final 4 – 2005

To enter the lottery for next tickets to next years Final Four in St. Louis, visit: https://ebill.securebills.com/FinalFour/

It will cost you $264 per entry, of which you get $260 back if you don’t win. You can enter at most 10 times, thus loaning the NCAA $2640 for the next couple of months.  You can only win 2 ticket books.

I will enter once, but I don’t think I want $2640 on my credit card to do the full 10 tries, even for 2 months.  Then again, maybe I will pick up one of those no interest credit cards for a couple of months.