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Stolen from Low Grade Panic who stole it from Wired News

Geek humor: If you take a close look at the form Google filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the exact value of its planned offering is $2,718,281,828 dollars, which some would immediately recognize as the mathematical constant e.

E, for those not blessed with a PhD and a job at Google, is Euler’s number, which is used as the base for natural logarithms.

Actually it’s eE(e X 109) but that would be geeky to point out.  Also, a techwriter obviously edited the second paragraph, because switching e to E [a capitol letter] changes its meaning. But I won’t point that out either.

Swing State Broadcasting

I guess since Missouri is a swing state in the upcoming presidential election, and St. Louis is the largest city in Missouri, we will not aloud to view the tribute to the 533 (and counting) soldiers killed in Iraq.  Is it possible that this show is politically motivated? Certainly.  But don’t the soldiers who have died in action deserve more than anonymity for their sacrifice?

In truth, I wasn’t planning on watching Nightline tonight anyway.

Submitted by Kristen at 4/30/2004 12:32:56 PM
    In light of our position and in basic concept, this denial makes me completely ill and more angry than ever.

Submitted by Diana at 4/30/2004 4:11:16 PM
Ok, I’ll be the bad guy.
For God’s sake, don’t you have anything better to do on a Friday night than sit and watch the litany of the killed in action? What makes me sick is that this would be aired anywhere. Try going to church and praying for these kids who have died and their families who are grieving. Why make their deaths the newest reality tv show?

Conversation at work – SCUBA Diving Physics

  • John: Did you hear they found that missing diver?
  • Me: I didn’t know one was missing.
  • John: [tells story of missing diver]
  • Me: I think I would have ditched my dive weights and emptied my tank to use as a floatation device*.
  • Guy In Adjacent Cube (GIAC): You think an empty tank floats better than a full one?
  • Me: Yes
  • GIAC: It just has air in it.
  • John: Yes, compressed air.
  • GIAC: Air doesn’t weigh anything, or at least wouldn’t make that much of a difference.
  • Me: Have you ever felt the difference between a full and empty propane tank?
  • John: The weight of the air is the only thing that keeps us stuck to the ground.
  • Me: That’s actually kind of true.  If air weighed more than us, we would float to the top. If we were the same density as air, we could fly like superman,… well sort of.
  • Me: Do you want me to look up the full versus empty weights of SCUBA tanks?
  • GIAC: No, I’ll mostly believe you.
  • Me: OK, I’ll look it up anyway*.

* If the tank was an aluminum tank, it provides 4 lbs of buoyancy (you would need an additional 4 lbs of dive weights to compensate).  If a steal tank is used, it is near neutral buoyancy when empty.

Submitted by Frank at 4/29/2004 12:28:01 PM
    I guess Sir Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravity hasn’t reached your office yet?
Submitted by jim at 4/29/2004 12:34:19 PM

    Although I briefly brought up gravity in the unabridged version of this conversation, it isn’t important in this case. Yes Gravity keeps you on the Earth, but density is what affects where you are relative to the Earth’s surface. Think of a hot air balloon – it travels up because it is less dense than the surrounding air.
Submitted by frank at 4/29/2004 12:58:25 PM

    However, John’s statement “The weight of the air is the only thing that keeps us stuck to the ground” is false, which is where my question comes from. There’s tons of hardware sitting on the moon, and the moon has no air. Therefore, the statement is demonstrated to be false.
Submitted by jim at 4/29/2004 1:23:05 PM

    John was saying it TIC, I just pointed out that he wasn’t as wrong as he might have thought.

    Interesting point – Since there is no air, a helium balloon placed on the surface of the moon should stay there (assuming the balloon was made of a material that wouldn’t explode do to the pressure differential).

Submitted by frank at 4/29/2004 2:38:09 PM

Blog Shorts… (or was it a list)

  • I am growing Cilantro in my window at work.  I didn’t even like Cilantro until a year or two ago.  Then again I didn’t care for guacamole until a year or two ago either.
  • My oak tree in my window died.  I still have the pot and dead leaves and sticks sitting there.
  • Another one of the plants in my window died as well.  I think it needed to be repotted.  I didn’t.
  • My second attempt at growing aloe is working much better than the first.
  • I am down to a quarter of a bag of Whopper – Robin Eggs from Easter.
  • I have more comments on this site than blog entries.
  • Orkut says that I am connected to over 200,000 people through 4 or 5 friends (I forget, I almost never visit Orkut).  I would like to know who these 200,000 people are, and what benefit I have in being connected to them and they to me.
  • I have broken the top ten on Google searches for Saint Adjutor and have risen for St. Adjutor.  I don’t know why I care, but sometimes it’s fun to see what search phrases you can own.
  • I still get regular visitors to this site looking for information on why to vote for/against Kerry or Bush.    I also have people looking for information on why asparagus makes their pee smell and wanting to see a picture of a mosquito eater.
  • A recent post has pushed up on google for the search terms “teen sex” and “parenting weblogs”.
  • The strangest hit of late was someone wondering about eating reptile eggs.
  • Free Soda and Snacks at work are starting to affect my weight.  John pointed out that it was like putting a cooler full of beer next to an alcoholic.  My average weight has only gone up 2 lbs, but I do have a weakness for food (that fact that I am cheap penny-pinching frugile kept me from buying snacks and soda).
  • Then again, maybe it’s just the Easter candy.


John and Ben are both on some kind of diet kick, which means that I was on my own again for lunch today.

I couldn’t think of anything I really wanted, so I grabbed Taco Bell and went to the park.  I sat in the car listening to NPR. On the show, they had a Rabbi, a Buddhist, and a Presbyterian Minister talking about the environment (sounds like the lead in to a joke).  The interview started at a reasonable place, saying that it’s hard to claim that you are a religious/spiritual person if you are not actively making decisions to protect God’s creations [from the Rabbi and the Minister] or realizing that you affect your surroundings and be mindful of your decisions [from the Buddhist].  The basics were covered (recycling, getting an energy efficient car, using mass transit whenever possible, etc.).  Then, like most conversations that start on reasonable footing, the extremist started piping in.  The Amish became a topic of conversation, saying that they are the ultimate religious environmentalist.  Soon they were talking about dropping cars altogether, in favor of bicycling.

At this point I started driving back to work.  I did not listen to the entire interview, but my guess is, by the end they will have lost the moderates who will forget the original message of simple things you can do, and write the whole thing off as a bunch of wacco environmentalists.

Jim’s environmental tip for the day:

  • Plant a tree (but not an Oak, as they give off some greenhouse gas or something — I don’t remember, I just heard it on the radio last summer, they were talking about why St. Louis air quality is so bad.)
    • I’ve heard that trees are very good at cleaning the air.  If everyone plants a tree, it will compensate for a lot of harm that they are going to do to the air quality through everyday living.
    • Trees near your house will lower your heating and cooling cost and energy consumption.
    • If you don’t own a place to plant a tree, or your yard is already covered by trees, send me the money you would have spent on the tree.  Once I have enough money, I will buy some land and plant more trees on it (really, I promise).
Submitted by kofuzi at 4/28/2004 1:51:14 PM
    tip that will actually be worth something:

    bring your own bags to the grocery store. or, at least, stop double bagging your gallon of milk that already comes with a handle built in.

Submitted by frank at 4/28/2004 2:12:10 PM

    Penn & Teller’s Bullshit this week discusses environmentalism and recycling. It should be interesting. Bullshit is on Showtime on Thursdays and Fridays. Check your local listings, as they say.