Weekend Summary

  • Friday
    • Drove to the Lake.
    • Took a long walk along the shore (you can’t do this during the summer, because the lake level is 3 feet higher, so you would be walking along the tops of the walls instead of along the shore)
    • Ate tomato soup and cheese sandwiches.
  • Saturday
    • Fished in the morning, then it rained.  Dan caught a large Drum.
    • The kids were going stir crazy, so we took them bowling (except for Danielle who wasn’t feeling well, and Jake, who is just a baby.
    • We got 2 lanes, one with bumpers, one without.
    • Allison won on the kids lane with a 100.  It was her birthday, so it was nice that she won.
    • Dan shot a 209, I shot a 164, and Barb shot an 80.  Unfortunately, that was over 2 games (103, 106)(66,98)(35,45).
    • We decorated a bunny cake for Alli’s birthday.
  • Sunday
    • Fished in the morning.  Justin caught 2 Largemouth Bass, Dan caught 1.
    • Went to church.  It lasted 1 hour 40 minutes.  The priest sang everything – prayers, reading, etc.  At the 1 hour mark he told us not to look at our watches, because we would be there for a while.
    • Fished some more.  Danielle and Allison each caught a large mouth bass.  All fish were caught using Canadian-Night-Crawlers.
    • Justin and Danielle played with Justin’s remote control boat.  They attached fishing line and a stick to act as a water skier.
    • Drove home.  As we got close, everyone decided that we should get Fritz’s.  Justin wanted a Strawberry concrete made with chocolate custard.  Danielle wanted a sundae with sprinkles and extra cherries.  Alli wanted the same, only out of chocolate.  Brenda wanted a cookiedough out of chocolate concrete.  I was leaning toward a caramel out of chocolate concrete.  Pulling into the parking lot, we saw the dreaded sign – Fritz’s was closed.  No frozen custard for us.

Someone is interested in my Sept 11 Archive

I have been getting a bunch of hits from:


I updated my archive today – some of the pictures had gotten lost in the various Bloghorn updates, so I reposted many of them today.  If you click on the Sept 11 subject, you can view what I’ve posted so far.  I still have many more to go.

Daily Nutrition Fact

A 1 ounce bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos has exactly the same number of calories as a 12 ounce can of Coke.

Submitted by jim at 4/20/2004 2:51:19 PM
    In case you are wondering – it’s 140 calories
Submitted by Diana at 4/21/2004 4:00:02 PM

    Which is fine because if you are dieting you should try to keep each meal under 400 calories. Of course I go for taste and drink Pepsi, so I add 10 more calories to my breakfast or lunch, which ever meal I’m eating!
Submitted by kofuzi at 4/21/2004 4:19:25 PM

    1 ounce?

    that’s either a tiny bit of doritos. or a whole lot of crack.

Submitted by jim at 4/21/2004 6:42:26 PM

    1 oz is one of the REALLY small bags, like you get at Subway