• Last night Danielle graduated from Kindergarten
  • I video taped almost the entire ceremony
  • Brenda taped most of Allison preschool graduation on Monday
  • Except for one cute song
  • Which we didn’t realize would be cute until after the fact
  • I think Brenda was going to have Alli perform it by herself
  • so she could video tape it
  • Later today I plan to mow the lawn
  • or at least part of it
  • and then sit in traffic for hours
  • in the belief that I will eventually get to the lake
  • with no traffic it’s a 2 and a half hour drive
  • Memorial Day traffic will make it a 3 to 4 hour trip
  • with 3 kids and 2 dogs in the van it will seem more like 10 hours
  • good thing we have a tv/vcr in the van
  • Brenda’s not going with us
  • she has to work
  • I need to remember to bring books
  • for Justin
  • and me
  • and to grab the worms out of the refridgerator
  • Brenda will be glad they are gone
  • the worms, not the children
  • then again
  • she’ll probably be thankful for the break
  • My Coke is nearly empty
  • Which reminds me
  • I need to bring Coke to the lake as well
  • I wonder if it will be warm enough to swim
  • I’m sure the dogs will get in
  • and likely the kids
  • Allison requires a lot of sunscreen
  • on the other hand, Danielle tans really well
  • but we put plenty of sunscreen on her too
  • and Justin
  • who is neither Danielle or Allison
  • as far as skin type
  • obviously he’s not them
  • I wonder what mom and dad decided
  • for the menu for the weekend
  • I’m guessing teddy-bear-pancakes
  • at least one morning for breakfast
  • now my Coke is completely empty
  • our company doesn’t have a recycle bin
  • for cans
  • I still think that if there is ever a metal shortage
  • they can start mining landfills
  • mining as in extracting metal
  • not mining as in protecting them with land mines
  • although that may be necessary as well
  • wouldn’t that be odd
  • garbage becoming a precious commodity
  • I really wish bloghorn had a spell check
  • I don’t trust my spelling
  • in English or Korean
Submitted by diana at 5/28/2004 11:12:53 AM
    You are rambling this morning. Either you need more coke or more sleep.
    FYI: 1.Patrick and a friend (not becky) will be joining the fun this weekend.
    2.Some of us would like to know before these important days in your childrens lives occur so as to acknowledge it in some way. tell Danielle and Alli congratulations on their graduations.
    3. Refrigerator is spelled wrong
Submitted by Kathy at 5/30/2004 4:32:54 PM

    You must have had a slow day at work that you had time to give us a play by play. Hope you are having fun at the lake. Dave is on call all weekend, payback for taking off last weekend, it’s ok though because it poured all day friday and was cold yesterday and today.

Busy Week

  • Monday – Allison graduated from preschool
  • Tuesday – O’Fallon Torpedoes Swim Team Meeting
  • Wednesday – Brenda Works
  • Thursday – Danielle graduates from Kindergarten (Last day of School – Danielle).
  • Friday – Last day of School (Justin). Direct TV installer to figure out why we have no signal.  Possibly go to the lake for the long weekend (minus Brenda as she will be working).

SuperBowl 2004 Winners – The Bengals

Justin’s Flag Football Team – The Bengals – completed there undefeated season yesterday by winning the SuperBowl.  The game was pretty close, mainly because the Bengals stalled 3 times in the red zone (the league has a rule that if you are within 7 yards of the endzone, you have to pass the ball – with yesterday’s wind, passing was not effective.)

Justin got his hand smashed between his helmet (face mask) and the ground, but managed to play through the pain.  This was key to the victory, as they play 7 on 7, and had exactly 7 players show up.  The Coach had the team give him a round of applause after the game for his effort.

Justin will be playing Tackle Football in the fall for the O’Fallon Junior Renegades.


Submitted by Diana at 5/24/2004 4:30:23 PM

    Congrat’s to Justin. Does he get a really big ring to go with his trophy?
Submitted by jim at 5/24/2004 4:34:09 PM

    No big ring – just the trophy.

Whopper Robin Eggs

I took over the #1 spot on Google for “whopper robin eggs“, even beating out Hershey.  Unfortunately  I haven’t cracked the top 10 for people looking for information on normal robin eggs – unless of course it’s someone looking for how much protein is in a robin egg, in which case, I appear to be the authority.  I’m guessing that a robin egg has about 1 gram of protein since a chicken egg has 6 to 8 (depending on the size).

School Fair

This morning was the parade and school fair and Justin and Danielle’s school.  For the moment, pictures of the parade are on the side ( <------[OverThere]  ).  With the new feature, those will scroll off as I add new pics.  You can always click the View All link to scroll through all of the pictures I have posted. I should have taken a picture of Danielle - she had her face painted and hair colored (RED with a BLUE pony tail). For lunch they had Hotdogs (OK, Danielle had a hotdog, Justin (like his father) won't eat hotdogs, and opted for Kettle Corn instead (yes I know it's a very healthy lunch).