It’s a hell of a choice we have.

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Bush using all of his power to go after terrorists and rogue states, regardless of global opinion, all the while giving power and perks to religious groups and special interest in our country.


Kerry improving domestic issues and foreign relations, but always seeking a global consensus before making any moves against terrorist, essentially giving the terrorists 4 free years to regroup, recruit, and rebuild.

I agree that Kerry WILL lose the election if he doesn’t commit to, in GWB words, “hunting down the terrorists.”

Tandem Stories

At night, instead of just reading stories to my children, we’ve begun doing tandem stories (I start a story, then we take turns adding parts to the story until everyone agrees we are at the end).  It is usually just me and one child, but sometimes it is more. If Brenda is putting Justin to bed, then Danielle and Alli will both participate.  If Brenda is putting one of the girls to bed, then the other will ask to do the tandem story.  Justin may participate, but it is just as likely that he will go to his room and read a book.

Each child has there own gifts for these stories:

  • Allison is very creative, and can tie in to a story regardless of where the last person dropped it.
  • Danielle adds excitement, suspense and adventure.
  • Justin is great at throwing in twist to redirect the story into a surprising direction.
Submitted by frank at 5/12/2004 1:06:19 PM
    Maybe you should record these tandem stories, do a rewrite to get some consistency, and try to get published. I get a percentage of the profits because it’s my idea.
Submitted by kathie at 5/12/2004 1:29:33 PM

    Sounds like fun!

Damn Asparagus

I had Candicci’s Express for lunch today (proving what brother Frank says, you will find better Italian food in a strip mall in St. Louis than you will find anywhere on the west coast).  I decided to try the Pasta Primavera.  The White sauce could use some livening up, but it was a decent lunch (plus the salad that comes with it is great).  The Pasta Primavera  consisted of small tube noodles in a white sauce, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Portabella Mushrooms, and…Asparagus.

There was at most 1 small stalk of Asparagus chopped up in my lunch.  In case you were wondering, that 1 small stalk was enough.