Proves my point

I’ve been saying for years that the odds of finding a winning lottery ticket aren’t much worse than the odds of buying a ticket with the winning lottery numbers. I would say that this and this strengthen my argument.

Iranian Bloggers

I was listening to NPR yesterday on the drive home and a story came on about Bloggers in Iran getting arrested and beaten for they say on their blogs.  According to the story, on Tuesday the 22nd, bloggers are supposed to dedicate their blog entries to freeing the two Iranian bloggers and to speak out on protecting bloggers rights [link].  I don’t know that I will have much to say on the subject, but if you need something to rant about on Tuesday…

Reversing Global Warming

Yesterday it was a pleasant 70 degrees in St. Louis. Today we are supposed to have a high in the low forties. Must be because the Kyoto treaty is going into affect [link]*. Call me selfish, but I kind of like the 70 degree days better.

* No, I don’t really believe that Kyoto going into affect changed the weather in St. Louis by 30 degrees in one day.

Missouri First Steps Program

Letter from a coworker —

First Steps offers coordinated services and assistance to young children with special needs and their families. First Steps is designed for children, birth to age 3, who have delayed development or diagnosed conditions that are associated with developmental disabilities.  My wife, [name removed], works with these children and I personally have witnessed the profound difference that early intervention makes for these children.  They are there for these families at a time in their children’s development that can have a lasting impact on the rest of their lives. Research studies repeatedly show that children who arrive unprepared for first grade’s challenges have a difficult time catching up and succeeding throughout the rest of their school years.  Many of these students drop out of school or do not find fulfilling productive jobs after high school as a result of their slow start.  These children’s entire lives are adversely affected by their lack of school readiness, and their quality of life overall suffers as well.

Governor Matt Blunt has proposed removing all to First Steps funding from the next budget year, which begins in June.  We have started a petition in order to let the Governor know how important we believe this program is to Missouri. Please consider signing this important petition to save First Steps funding. 

If you feel half as strongly as I do about this subject, feel free to let your local congressmen know how you feel.  If you disagree, well then, nevermind.

Just to give you an idea how relatively little money we are talking about to keep this program funded, our three candidates for governor spent a nearly equivilent amount of money on thier election campaigns (Holden $7 million, McCaskill $5 Million, and Blunt $5 Million [source,source]).  The entire budget for the First Steps program is only $25 Million. 

If you need to know how to write your state congressmen and senator, this link will let you know how to contact them.  At the very least, e-sign the petition.