Easter at the Lake

We drove down to the lake on Sunday so the kids could get some fishing in on spring break.  I didn’t really think that they would catch anything and by the end of Sunday I was convinced of it.  We tried Minnows, night crawlers, hot dogs, tuna fish and half a dozen lures.  We didn’t get so much as a bite on Sunday and never even saw a fish swimming under the dock.  The kids were having fun anyway, and we did some nature walks, etc.

Monday morning we were back at it.  Per usual, a racoon emptied our minnow bucket overnight (you would think I would have remembered to bring it inside).  The weather was perfect, and the kids weren’t about to give up until they caught a fish.  Jack decided that the weather was so nice he would go swimming.  The freezing water didn’t seem to affect him and after much coaxing, we got him to swim to shore.

After lunch, Justin and Danielle decided to take one last try at fishing.  They were still having no luck when Danielle asked if she could put her feet in the water.  I decided – what the heck.  So she took off her shoes, put her feet in the water and cast out her line with the night crawler on it.  BAMM, she had a hit and pulled out the first fish of the weekend.  She screamed, “Justin, Justin, you need to put your stinky feet in the water.”


So of course Justin took his shoes off, dangled his feet in the water and BAMM, he pulled one out as well


I’m not sure if it was the stinky feet, the warm weather, or what, but Justin started pulling out fish left and right. 

One bluegill damaged a worm, but didn’t get all of it, so Justin decided to use the same worm.  He barely had the line in the water when he called out, “DAD, I have a whopper!”    His line shot under the deck, but he eventually realled in a monster of a Large Mouth Bass.  I held it in the water while he ran up to the house to get Brenda.  She shot some video of it and got a still picture, but I forgot to get a phone picture (although I shot one after the fact off of the TV). 


This thing had to be 3 inches wide and long enough that it stretched from Justin’s right shoulder past his left shoulder.  My guess is that it weighed 4 to 6 pounds (it sure felt heavy when I was holding it up for pictures).   Justin ended up catching three or four more fish off that same worm. 

I said, “That must be a tasty worm.”  Jack heard me and jumped into the lake after it.  And of course Justin caught another fish off that worm after Jack jumped in.  Jack’s little swim was about the time we were planning to leave, so I wasn’t very happy at the prospect of a smelly wet dog for two hours in the van.  Thankfully between the sun and the beach towel, he was mostly dry by the time we left.

Self-fulfilling Prophecy

On NPR this morning they had excerpts from an interview with head of Homeland security.  He said that his department was doing risk assesment to determine how effective certain types of attacks would be.  Basically a bunch of really smart people sitting around think up terrorist acts and doing complex calculations and simulations to determine thier effect.  —  Blowing up a chemical plant would kill X people, blowing up a nuclear plant would kill Y people, etc.  He said that they were going to publish the results and he wanted to base spending on the high risk targets.

Is it my imagination, or is the Federal government doing R&D for the terrorist.  You know they are going to look over this report.  It sounded like it would be made available to the public.  I can see Osama and his boys sitting in a cave —  Oh doing this terrorist act will kill this many people, let’s try that.  Oh, doing that terrorist act won’t be nearly as effective as we hoped.

The question is – Is our government smart enough to cook the books/fake the numbers?  We can’t possibly protect against this — lets make it look like it wouldn’t be effective.

Somehow I doubt we are that smart. 

We are shooting straight and telling the terrorist how they can be most effective.

Updated Quarter Algorithm

This year the algorithm the quarter is using to pick winners and losers for the NCAA tournament has been adjusted.  For my half of the bracket, the quarter was flipped twice for each game.  If heads came up either time, the quarter picked the favorite.  If tails came up twice, then the underdog was chosen.

The other half of the bracket was selected by our QA Manager using a random number generator with 1/3 upsets.

The Quarter’s final four are OKST, Gonzaga, NC, and OK, with OKST playing NC for the championship.  The Quarters final pick is based on which half of the bracket does better in week one.  All in all, the quarter looks much tougher this year.


Justin and I went to LazerCore last night and we were quite the Father/Son team.  In our first mission, we took first and third place out of 21 people.  In the second mission, we took first and second out of 14 people.

Normally Tuesday nights are the best night to go because you get unlimited missions for $15 bucks, but on Thursday they have 1/2 price missions ($4) if you belong to the Y.  Thursday night is also family night, where you can get 8 missions, a large pizza, drinks, and game tokens for $48 bucks (probably explains why all the people were there last night).

I imagine Friday and Saturday nights are big too, but they gear those nights to dates (cheep beer and 2/1 missions).

The missions are fun and a pretty good workout (constantly moving through a maze with 5-10 pounds of battle gear on).

Thought police looking out for us again…

Is there anyone who has Cable or a Dish that doesn’t have access to a V-chip/parental controls?  Do we really need the government to waste time legislating what can be shown on cable or the dish?  Do we need more government to determine what is or isn’t offensive?

It really irks me when the thought police [link] try to pull this crap.  Let me decide what I want to watch and what I find offensive.  My children are not going to watch a show that I find offensive, for two reasons:

  1. I monitor what they watch
  2. I have a V-chip and I use it.  If its rated TV-PG or higher, I have to unlock the tv.

If this goes any further, I guess I will have to write another letter.  Unfortunately I don’t have the clout of the TVC, etc. that pushes for legislation like this.  One of these days I need to start my own group of moderates to write letters to senators/representatives whenever they are considering fringe legislation.

stepping down from soap box.