Thought police looking out for us again…

Is there anyone who has Cable or a Dish that doesn’t have access to a V-chip/parental controls?  Do we really need the government to waste time legislating what can be shown on cable or the dish?  Do we need more government to determine what is or isn’t offensive?

It really irks me when the thought police [link] try to pull this crap.  Let me decide what I want to watch and what I find offensive.  My children are not going to watch a show that I find offensive, for two reasons:

  1. I monitor what they watch
  2. I have a V-chip and I use it.  If its rated TV-PG or higher, I have to unlock the tv.

If this goes any further, I guess I will have to write another letter.  Unfortunately I don’t have the clout of the TVC, etc. that pushes for legislation like this.  One of these days I need to start my own group of moderates to write letters to senators/representatives whenever they are considering fringe legislation.

stepping down from soap box.