Justin and I went to LazerCore last night and we were quite the Father/Son team.  In our first mission, we took first and third place out of 21 people.  In the second mission, we took first and second out of 14 people.

Normally Tuesday nights are the best night to go because you get unlimited missions for $15 bucks, but on Thursday they have 1/2 price missions ($4) if you belong to the Y.  Thursday night is also family night, where you can get 8 missions, a large pizza, drinks, and game tokens for $48 bucks (probably explains why all the people were there last night).

I imagine Friday and Saturday nights are big too, but they gear those nights to dates (cheep beer and 2/1 missions).

The missions are fun and a pretty good workout (constantly moving through a maze with 5-10 pounds of battle gear on).