Self-fulfilling Prophecy

On NPR this morning they had excerpts from an interview with head of Homeland security.  He said that his department was doing risk assesment to determine how effective certain types of attacks would be.  Basically a bunch of really smart people sitting around think up terrorist acts and doing complex calculations and simulations to determine thier effect.  —  Blowing up a chemical plant would kill X people, blowing up a nuclear plant would kill Y people, etc.  He said that they were going to publish the results and he wanted to base spending on the high risk targets.

Is it my imagination, or is the Federal government doing R&D for the terrorist.  You know they are going to look over this report.  It sounded like it would be made available to the public.  I can see Osama and his boys sitting in a cave —  Oh doing this terrorist act will kill this many people, let’s try that.  Oh, doing that terrorist act won’t be nearly as effective as we hoped.

The question is – Is our government smart enough to cook the books/fake the numbers?  We can’t possibly protect against this — lets make it look like it wouldn’t be effective.

Somehow I doubt we are that smart. 

We are shooting straight and telling the terrorist how they can be most effective.