Flag Football

Justin had his first flag football game of the year on Saturday (for the Vikings).  His team had a total of about 8 offensive plays the entire game (that estimate might be on the high side unless you count PAT’s).  The superstar from his undefeated team last year is on his team again this year, and was the reason behind the minimal number of offensive plays — hand the ball to Dominic  and score a touchdown. 

Justin prefers playing defense, so this suited him just fine.  One of the first defensive plays of the game, Justin forced a fumble in the backfield (FYI – in this league you can’t recover a fumble, it’s a dead ball).  On the second defensive series, he nearly had a pick in the backfield on a screen pass.  He was pretty pumped about those two plays. 

The other team  scored a total of one touchdown on the day but failed to score on the PAT.  Justin played good on defense, but he’s showing signs of getting better (trying to intercept the screen pass was a very heads-up move).  The coach even had him doing some pass coverage along with blitzing.  Should be a fun season.

BTW – Justin’s team scored on every possession, usually on the first or second play, and then did a pass play for the 2pt conversion (running play is worth 1pt).