Justin’s flag football game

Justin had his second flag football game of the year, and although the packers looked to be a pretty well coached team, the outcome was very similar to the first game.  Justin’s team scored on every possession and only gave up one touchdown.  The superstar on Justin’s team  (Dominic) has scholarship written all over him.  He is fast, can change directions quickly and can throw the ball.  On one run he made so many moves that everyone on the sidelines was in awe (sprint, stutter step, run, side step, … )

Justin played all defense again, which is what he prefers.  On one series, Justin got one flag and was in on the other two plays, resulting in a 3 and out.  He got a second flag one or two series later, so it was a pretty good game for him from that standpoint.  I think he is just as happy when he assists on a tackle (OK, it’s not really a tackle, but you get the idea — he traps the ball carrier and one of the other kids on his team pulls the flag). 

The season is very short – they have a bye next week, a double header the following week, and then a game the next week to end the season.  I think they will do playoffs like last year, but I haven’t heard.