Revenge of the Sith — A review

If Steven Spielberg really cried at the end of that movie, it was for the same reason I did — He couldn’t believe that he wasted seven bucks to see it.

A good option

There is an inmate on death row in Indiana who wants to donate his liver to his sister (no, she doesn’t want it as a souvenir, she needs a transplant).  I think all death row inmates should have the option of donating organs.  I don’t know how many people are put to death each year, but any additional kidneys, livers, hearts, etc. would probably be welcome.  I’m thinking you put them under for surgery, remove everything of value and they never wake up.  Moving to extremes, you could place them in a persistive vegitative state, only harvesting organs as you need them (although this may be cost prohibitive).

I’m sure there are groups that would have a problem with this, but it would be the inmates option, and I doubt too many people waiting for a transplant are going to care where the organs were harvested from.

Fruits and Veggies

Last night Justin had homework that required him to pick the vegetables out of a list of items. For three of the rows he wrote down “no answer” He knew what they wanted him to put down, but he refused to list Corn, Green Beans, and Tomatoes as vegetables. We finally convinced him to list the desired answers on the condition that I attach a note and evidence supporting his original non-answers.

For the record, any part of the plant that is a seed or grows around the seed is considered ‘fruit’, any other edible part of a plant (roots, leaves, stalks) are considered ‘vegetable’. From a biological standpoint, even nuts are considered fruit.

Weekend at a glance


  • Justin had a Flag Football playoff game.  His team won 34 – 0.  It was probably Justin’s best Defensive game of the year.  He snagged 5 flags, at least two of them for a loss, and he was part of a gang tackle — Him and two of the other bigger players on his team tackling a kid that would have to look up to Allison — Justin’s team was trying to grab flags, but the kid was slippery, so they just took him to the ground.  Justin got to play cornerback for 2 plays and snagged the flag from the fastest kid on the other team for one of those two plays — the other was a pass play.  The coach likes him at corner because he plays his position rather than chasing the ball.
  • This weekend will be the Flag Football Superbowl, but I will be in Vegas, so I won’t get to see it.  I think Grandma and Grandpa are going to take Justin to his game.  I may have to call them during the game to get the play-by-play.


  • I took the kids roller skating at Great Skate.  It turned out that one of the girls from Danielle’s old schools was having a birthday party there, so she got to see a lot of her old friends.  Allison was very proud of herself that she can now skate all the way around the rink without falling and without touching the walls.  Justin won the skating limbo contest.
  • After skating, I had the kids ride their bikes up to the park.  Allison is learning to ride a two wheeler, so I got quite a work out following her the whole way.

Conversation I Just Had With Ben

Me: What do you know Ben
Ben: Everything
Me: [walk to water cooler and back]
Me: There’s no point in trying to have a conversation with someone who already knows everything.
Me: But of course you already knew that