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I’ve decided to compile a list of Harry Potter rumors I’ve heard in the last couple of days along with the supporting evidence.  Feel free to add your own.

  1. RAB is Regulus Black, Sirius’ brother and the amulet that Harry is searching for will be waiting for him in the house he inherited.
  2. The person that died at the end of Harry Potter and The Halfblood Prince isn’t really dead.  The theory is that since the person was having a conversation with Malfoy about faking deaths and that they can’t kill you if they think you are already dead, his/her death was faked.  There are a handful of other possible clues in that section as well (spell usage and a song).  -updated rumor(8/26) The Blue & White flames coming from the coffin at the funeral was because the person was an anamagus which was a phoenix, and no one knew because the records only went back 100 years, and he is older than that.  The person who killed him did it so that this person could go deeper under cover.
  3. The Halfblood Prince isn’t really a bad guy.
  4. Professor Snape is Harry’s real father – boy wouldn’t James Potter be pissed if he were still alive.
  5. Harry Potter is somehow related to Gryffendore (he is the heir of Gryffendore) and is related to Dumbledore (anyone notice all the ‘dore’s)
  6. Percy Weasley is a death eater.
  7. Book seven will span several years of Harry’s life.
  8. After Harry kill Voldemort, he will return to Hogwarts as the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher and become the head of the Gryffendore house.
  9. Mundungus is working for Voldemort.  The reason Mundungus is stealling stuff from Harry’s house is that he is looking for the Horcrux that Regulus Black placed there.

Side note: Someone has intermingle the two topics I’ve been writing about lately.

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ben : all 220 pictures were on your sidebar
Jim : that would be a lot
ben : you are a master of the english language as well as the obvious my friend
Jim : more so the obvious…
Jim : obviously
ben : englishly

Seemed funnier at the time…trust me

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I should get my copy of Eldest in the mail today.  I probably have my hopes up too high for this book, but I’ve been waiting for almost 2 years for it to come out and can’t wait to read it.  If you liked The Lord of the Rings movies, but found the books difficult to read, (Tolkien isn’t for the casual reader, IMHO), I would recommend Eragon, the first book in the series.  Christopher Paolini was obviously influenced by Tolkien, but his writing style is more in line with J.K. Rowling – easy read/real page turner.

Side note: after I read it, I’m tempted to call up my nephew Jeremy and tell him how it ends, kind of a payback for letting me know who dies in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Side note 2: Justin is reading Half Blood Prince right now.  Besides all the other books he’s read this summer, he’s read Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix.  If I’m not careful, he may grab Eldest before I get a chance to read it (he burned through Eragon earlier this year).

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Phil: It’s a poor implimentation of an unknown design

Ben: This is where we want to be; this is the manure.

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How the Terrorists could really have an impact —

CNN has an article stating that babies have been blocked from flying because their names are on the No-Fly list.  I’m wondering how long it will be before the terrorists figure out that they can really disrupt our lifestyle just by looking at a list of the top 100 most common names in the US and using those for aliases.  They would bring our airports to a screeching halt.

Blue Jersey Devils Hockey update –I had my second and third games of the season last night.  The first game we out played the other team but lost by 3 goals.  The second game we got blown out.  After missing on several good scoring chances (high and right) I changed sticks and managed to slip one past the goalie in the second game.  I could have easily scored four goals on the night, but the goalies in this league have been better than I expected.  Last season (the one I skipped), the team played in the C league – just my luck, they got moved back up to the B league.

Side note – My legs are quite sore after playing two games in one night.

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