Self correcting problem?

Some climate scientists [1][2] are saying that stronger hurricanes may be the result of global warming.  Assume for a minute that this is the case (too early to call), and hurricanes continue to pound the bulk of US refineries (which tend to be near the coast, or so I am told).  In that case, energy prices will continue to rise.  I can only assume that there is some price point that people will avoid driving unless it is necessary, look at more fuel efficient vehicals, and they may even use mass transit or start carpooling (I know I’m reaching here).

In that case, emisions would begin to go down, and the rate of global warming would decrease (could reverse, but I doubt petroleum consumption accounts for enough CO2 emisions).  Thus, mother nature addresses the problem of global warming by forcing humans to change their habits.*

* No, I don’t think this would really happen.