Different Management Techniques We Use In My Office

  • Sticky Note Management
    • If you need someone to do something you write it on a sticky note and attach it to their monitor – even if they are sitting at their desk at the time.
    • If you need to add something to your own tasks list, you add sticky notes to your own monitor – John’s monitor looks like a bush it has so many sticky notes attached to it.
  • Coin Toss Management
    • If two people are capable of doing a job, the person who loses the coin toss is assigned the job – I just won a toss.
    • If three or more people are capable of doing a job, everyone tosses a coin and the odd man out gets the job.
  • Squeky Wheel Management
    • If you need a certain piece of software fixed, curse loudly about how big a piece-of-crap said software is.  If the person responsible for that software doesn’t fix it, repeat the process louder and with more explatives.
  • Jedi Mind Trick Management
    • Use subtle suggestions and creative language to convince someone that they agreed to do some task that they hadn’t really agreed to or was on your tasks list.

Busy Week

The past several days have a been a blur, and the next several are just as crazy…

  • Saturday – Scouting for food bag drop off; Justin had two roller hockey games; I played D & D late into the night.
  • Sunday – Danielle had to read a book and do a book report.  Justin had homework.  We had Jack, Gonzo, and Rizzo’s birthday party over at mom’s.
  • Monday – Justin had a scout meeting and piano lesson.  He missed hockey practice and I missed my hockey game.
  • Tuesday  – Kids have PSR and Justin has a pack meeting that he will miss.
  • Wednesday – Brenda works, Justin has a Hockey game.
  • Thursday – Justin has Hockey practice, Danielle has a math night at school.
  • Friday – Danielle has a Girl Scout meeting
  • Saturday – pickup scouting for food bags.  Danielle has a birthday party to go to.

I probably missed a bunch of stuff too.