Can you beat my quarter?

Here are my quarters picks for this years Tournament (I didn’t list the first round matchups, only the quarters first round picks).

 Duke                  Uconn
 GW  Duke              Uconn  Kentucky
 AM    Duke          Uconn    Wash
 LSU  LSU              AF  AF
 WV      Duke      Uconn      Mich St
 Iowa  WV              NC  NC
 Cal    Cal    Duke      NC    Wich St
 Penn  Cal              Wich St  Winthrop
 Memphis          DUKE        Vill
 Ark  Ark              Vill  Zona
 Pitt    Pitt      UConn    BC    Mont
 Bradley  Pitt              BC  BC
 SD      Gonzo      Ohio St      OK
 Gonzo  Gonzo              Fla  FLA
 Marq    Gonzo          Ohio St    GT
 UCLA  Marq              Ohio St  Ohio St


I think I like the Quarters final four better than my own.

Update 3/17: After 1 day, I’m tied with the quarter
Update 3/18: The quarter picked 22 of 32 games correctly.  I don’t have my bracket to see if I am beating it.
Update 3/19: The quarter was scary-good in the first day of round 2, correctly picking every game that it had a chance pick.
Update 3/20: The quarter lost one of it’s final four picks.  I’m doing better than the quarter, picking one more game correctly, and having more teams alive. 
Update 3/24: The quarter is pretty much done — The Duke and Gonzaga losses pretty much did it in.  Maybe next year will be better.

No one is really this dumb…

This little gem is from Greenville, SC


The theory of evolution does not and cannot explain so much about the universe that we know. For instance, when and how did water evolve? How does it happen that gravity can hold us to the Earth, and at the same time allow us to step up without any trouble? How did it happen that the Earth is spinning at the exact rate that keeps us from feeling that movement?

I find it much easier to believe that Genesis tells us the truth of the creation when we know from God’s own Word that nothing is impossible for him to do.
Carol Crooks, Greer

Water…evolve?  Can’t walk because of gravity?  Arrrggghhhh!!!!!!

My Birthday at a glance

Brenda and the girls went to girlscout camp yesterday, so it was me and Justin spending my birthday together.  Justin had a hockey game at two o-clock.  His team was down 3 – 0 in the first five minutes, but finished the period up 4 – 3.  The built the lead up to 6 – 3 in the second period, with Justin earning an assist by passing to one of the two big goal scorers 45 seconds into the second period, who in turn passed to the top goal scorer who buried it in the net.   The other team tied the game at 6 – 6 late in the second, but Justin’s team scored one more, plus 4 unanswered goals in the third to win 11 – 6. 

After the game we went to play golf at the pitch and putt course.  We each had some good holes and some bad holes.  Justin even got a par on one hole.  After golf, we went to 3 Margaritta’s for Chicken Fajitas.  They were quite tasty.  All-n-all, it was a pretty good birthday.

Here’s one for Brother Mike

…A beer quiz…

I am Samuel Adams
I am fairly easy to please when it comes to beer – as long as it’s not too cheap.
I tend to change favorite beers frequently, and I’m the type most likely to take a “beers of the world” tour.
When I get drunk, I’m fearless. I lose all of my inhibitions.
I’m just as likely to party with a group of strangers as I am to wake up in a very foreign place.

New Product Idea

They should make cigarettes Mesquite flavored, so the rather than smelling like tobacco, smokers would smell like barbeque.

Side note: John said the problem with this would be that I would be licking people in the elevator.