Danielle and Dad at the baseball game

Danielle won free tickets to last nights baseball game as one of the prizes for the summer reading program at the library.  She decided that I should be the one to take her to the game.  This was the first time either of us have been to the new stadium (I can’t remember if she ever went to a game at the old Busch Stadium).


The Cardinals didn’t give us much to cheer about, but I think she had fun just being at the game.  At least we got to see one Cardinal homerun before we had to leave (it was a school night after all).

Friday – iPod Random 10

  1. Bullroarer (Midnight Oil – Diesel and Dust)
  2. Touch and Go (The Cars – The Cars Greatest Hits)
  3. Nobody Knows (The Rainmakers – The Rainmakers)
  4. House We Used to Live In (The Smithereens – Green  Thoughts)
  5. Not Like You (The Bangles – Different Light)
  6. Walk Together, Rock Together (7 Seconds – Live One Plus One)
  7. Where The Streets Have No Name (U2 – Joshua Tree)
  8. Pulling Mussels From The Shell (Squeeze – Singles 45’s And Under)
  9. Under The Bridge (Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood Sugar Sex Magik)
  10. Regret (New Order – Republic)

Who says video games don’t teach you anything?

  • Me: How was school today?
  • Justin: Pretty good.
  • Me: Mom said you’ve been playing basketball at recess.
  • Justin: Yeah, I was on one team, but I stopped playing with them,
  • Justin: But then I was conscripted onto another team
  • Me: Conscripted?  Where did you learn that word.
  • Justin: Civilization.

Music Update

I went through part of  Brother Mike’s music collection to see if he had copies of any of the music I had lost (we collected a lot of the same types of music in the early 90’s).  He had joked that he had picked up some of the albums at a party  in Columbia in the early 90’s.  It turns out that at least some of the albums I thought I had lost WERE in his collection, clearly marked with my initials.  On a couple he said, “That’s not yours.  Oh crap.”

The biggest find — New Order – Substance – Disk 1.  I’ve been looking for that one at Slackers, etc. and never could find it.  I also found the Mighty Lemon Drops CD I was looking for.  I think I will have to make time to dig through the rest of his collection to see what other lost gems might have accidentally ended up in his collection instead of mine.

Side note – I am up to 743 songs on my iPod and still have close to a Gig of free space left.  Have I mentioned how much I love this thing.

Friday – iPod Random 10

  1. Wasting Time (The Judybats – Pain Makes You Beautiful)
  2. World In My Eyes (Depeche Mode – Violator)
  3. Return Post (The Bangles – Different Light)
  4. Boss of Me (They Might Be Giants – Dial a Song)
  5. Junior College Philosophy (Finns – Juco)
  6. The Statue Got Me High (They Might Be Giants – Dial a Song)
  7. Suarve and Suffocated (Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Are You Normal?)
  8. Let It Go (Finns – Juco)
  9. Sometimes (Midnight Oil – Diesel and Dust)
  10. Sin (Nine Inch Nails – Pretty Hate Machine)