On:Random Number Generators

I had the following IM conversation with Brother Mike this morning –

  • Jim : I think there is something wrong with the random number generator on my iPod
  • Jim : it played about 5 Smithereen songs this morning
  • Jim : out of about 8 songs
  • Mike: what are the odds
  • Jim : please hold…
  • Jim : about 1 in 916636176
  • Mike: seems possible enough
  • Jim : one in 91 million?
  • Jim : actually I think it is a Unique Random Number generator
  • Jim : in which case it makes more sense
  • Jim : it won’t repeat a song until it has played all of them
  • Jim : and it didn’t play any Smithereens yesterday
  • Jim : only a geek like me would know or care about that though

It has continued to play a lot of Smithereens today, especially considering I only have one Smithereens album on it.  And I’m not sure it is using a unique random number generator, since I am starting to hear repeats, but doubt I have listened to all 174 songs — Actually I’m sure of at least one song it hasn’t played yet.

Update: I think the iPod is just in a Smithereens kind of mood — it has played almost the whole album – Green Thoughts – today.

The Friday Groaner

Instead of typing out the whole joke, from now on I think I will just post the punch line to the Friday Groaner.  If you don’t know the joke, and for some reason would want to know it, post a comment and I’ll fill it in (or not).

This week’s Friday Groaner Punchline:

Super Hal the Fragile Mystic has Chronic Halitosis.