On: The Crocodile Hunter

I’ve intentionally held off writing about Steve Irwin’s death until I could sort my thoughts and the media blitz died down.

Steve Irwin‘s passing was a big deal in our house.  My kids live for nature shows, so of course they were big fans of the Crocodile Hunter.  Each kid responded to the news differently.  Justin didn’t want to think about it, so he avoided watching any of the Crocodile Hunter tributes.  Danielle, on the other hand, immediate found the Crocodile Hunter on TV and watched an episode or two.  Allison took it in stride.  She was the only one who had heard about it at school before I told the other two.

My own thoughts on Steve Irwin’s death –

On the same day Steve Irwin died, there was a miserable 44 year old accountant who died of a heart attack at work.  At least Steve Irwin died doing the job he loved.  One man hated getting up for work everyday, the other could wait for his next adventure.  One man touched the lives of millions of people and spark an interest in conservation for millions of children, the other was a complete unknown.  One man took chances and lived his life to the fullest, the other took no chances and lived an uneventful life.   Both men are now gone.  One will be remembered, the other probably had a five line obituary in an obscure paper.

I know which man I would rather be.