The Friday Groaner

Two guys, Bill and Fred, are golfing behind two women who are playing incredibly slow.  After a few holes, Bill says, “I can’t play like this, I’m going to walk up and ask them if we can play through.”  He walks about halfway up the fairway, then turns around and walks back. 

“What happened?” asks Fred. 
“When I got close to them, I realized one was my wife and the other was my mistress,”  says Bill.
“No problem, I’ll ask them,” says Fred.

Fred walks halfway there and then walks back and says, “Small world.”

Friday – iPod Random 10 + 1

  1. Avalanche (New Order – Republic)
  2. Something to Do (Depeche Mode – 101 Disc 1)
  3. All My Life (Echo and the Bunnymen – Echo and the Bunnymen)
  4. Have you Ever Been to Hell – (Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers – Conscious Party)
  5. The Planetarium Scene (The Ocean Blue – Just Say Anything)
  6. Bible Dreams (The Wild Swans – Just Say Yo)
  7. Put Down That Weapon (Midnight Oil – Diesel and Dust)
  8. Hot Dog (Martini Ranch – Just Say Yo)
  9. Running to Stand Still (U2 – Joshua Tree)
  10. Theme from Flood (They Might Be Giants – Flood)
  11. Not Sleeping Around (Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Are You Normal)*

* Two of the songs were pretty short, and Not Sleeping Around came on while I was typing – how could I not include it.