Music Update

I went through part of  Brother Mike’s music collection to see if he had copies of any of the music I had lost (we collected a lot of the same types of music in the early 90’s).  He had joked that he had picked up some of the albums at a party  in Columbia in the early 90’s.  It turns out that at least some of the albums I thought I had lost WERE in his collection, clearly marked with my initials.  On a couple he said, “That’s not yours.  Oh crap.”

The biggest find — New Order – Substance – Disk 1.  I’ve been looking for that one at Slackers, etc. and never could find it.  I also found the Mighty Lemon Drops CD I was looking for.  I think I will have to make time to dig through the rest of his collection to see what other lost gems might have accidentally ended up in his collection instead of mine.

Side note – I am up to 743 songs on my iPod and still have close to a Gig of free space left.  Have I mentioned how much I love this thing.