in liue of a friday groaner

Being a math geek, these had me almost in tears:




Thanks to immense-world

Friday – iPod Random 10

  1. Being Simple (The Judybats – Pain Makes You Beautiful)
  2. Thieves Like Us (New Order – Substance)
  3. One More Time (The Cure – Kiss Me3)
  4. Low (R.E.M. – Out of Time)
  5. In The End (Green Day – Dookie)
  6. Stripped (Depeche Mode – 101 Disc 1)
  7. Timebomb (Royal Crescent Mob – Just Say Anything)
  8. Lie To Me (Depeche Mode – Some Great Reward)
  9. Have You Ever Been To Hell (Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers – Conscious Party)
  10. New Sensation (INXS – Live Baby Live)