Enough to make you sick

Last week Danielle was sick several days with a cold/flu thing.  This week was Justin’s turn, although he only missed two days.  When I picked up his homework yesterday, there was a Cynthia Davis pencil taped to the homework sheet.  Suddenly I’m glad he was sick yesterday.  I’m not certain if she was there and if she talked to the class, but she is one person I definitely don’t want my kids exposed to.  Unlike Cynthia Davis, my children understand that bible stories are just that, stories, told around the camp fire to try to teach life lessons, just like aesops fables.  Unlike her, they realize how ridiculous the Noah’s Ark story is, and the Adam and Eve/ Creation story. 

I’m guessing that Cynthia Davis didn’t spout off any of her ridiculous young-earth-creationists beliefs, but I have to wonder if Justin would have been polite and bit his tongue or if he would have called her on it.  I’m thinking it’s best that we didn’t have to find out, but just the thought of Cynthia Davis in my children’s school is enough to make me sick.

Friday – iPod Random 10 + 1

  1. To Have And To Hold (Depeche Mode – Music For The Masses)
  2. Somewhere In America (The Outfield – Bangin’)
  3. Now This Is Fun (Depeche Mode – People Are People)
  4. Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman (The Tubes – The Completion Backwards Principle)
  5. Agent Orange (Depeche Mode – Music For The Masses)
  6. Low (R.E.M. – Out of Time)
  7. Apache Rose Peacock (Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood Sugar Sex Magik)
  8. Dim (Dada – Puzzle)
  9. Darlin’ One (The Replacements – Don’t Tell A Soul)
  10. I Won’t (The Replacements – Don’t Tell A Soul)
  11. Life During Wartime (Talking Heads – Sand In The Vaseline)