XKCD – The comic I wish I wrote

XKCD is the one web comic I read every week

It is the ultimate in math/science/engineering geek humor.

Support Case

Email from support

Do we need to do anything special for our product to work with DST?

My response

What’s a DST?

From Wikipedia, DST is an abbreviation which stands for:

* Data Storage Technology, a magnetic tape data storage format from Ampex.
* Daylight Saving Time
* Delta Sigma Theta, a non-profit Greek letter organization of college educated women
* Dexamethasone suppression test
* Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire (Directorate of Territorial Surveillance), the French domestic intelligence agency
* Direct Stream Transfer, lossless compression used for SACD
* Directional Symmetry Transform
* Discrete sine transform, a variant of the discrete fourier transform for real and odd functions
* Drill Stem Test, a temporary completion of an oil or gas well to test fluid content, pore pressure and rock properties.
* DST Systems Inc. a software development company.
* Digital Signature Transponder, a cryptographically-enabled radio-frequency identification (RFID) device manufactured by Texas Instruments.

OR something else?

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Playing with themes

The first theme I picked for this site was pretty cool, but the creator didn’t test it well enough, so it looked like crap in IE at times. I changed it the other day, but wasn’t completely happy with the new one either. I will probably continue to bounce themes until I find one I like, or until I’ve looked at enough to create my own.

This has been a public service anouncement.

ps. The feature I miss most about Mojira is the entry editor – it had a lot more features.

Sad Realization

All software is inherently crap.

Friday – iPod Random 10 + 1

I start the day at song 247 on my quest to get through all 795 songs on my iPod.  Here are random songs 247 to 257:

  1. Blister In the Sun (Violent Femmes  РViolent Femmes)
  2. Pinch Me (Barenaked Ladies)
  3. Lies (EMF – Schubert Dip)
  4. Pulling Mussels [From The Shell] (Squeeze – Singles 45’s and Under)
  5. Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order – Substance)
  6. Have You Ever Been To Hell (Ziggy Marley – Conscious Party)
  7. 99% (Soul Asylum – Grave Dancers Union)
  8. That’s Entertainment (Morrissey – Just Say Anything)
  9. I Feel You (Depeche Mode – Songs of Faith and Devotion)
  10. Mystify (INXS – Kick)
  11. Stay Up Late (Talking Heads)