Support Case

Email from support

Do we need to do anything special for our product to work with DST?

My response

What’s a DST?

From Wikipedia, DST is an abbreviation which stands for:

* Data Storage Technology, a magnetic tape data storage format from Ampex.
* Daylight Saving Time
* Delta Sigma Theta, a non-profit Greek letter organization of college educated women
* Dexamethasone suppression test
* Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire (Directorate of Territorial Surveillance), the French domestic intelligence agency
* Direct Stream Transfer, lossless compression used for SACD
* Directional Symmetry Transform
* Discrete sine transform, a variant of the discrete fourier transform for real and odd functions
* Drill Stem Test, a temporary completion of an oil or gas well to test fluid content, pore pressure and rock properties.
* DST Systems Inc. a software development company.
* Digital Signature Transponder, a cryptographically-enabled radio-frequency identification (RFID) device manufactured by Texas Instruments.

OR something else?



Hi Jim,

I have not explained myself well.
Is there a patch for DST?
Will our product function properly as long as the OS DST patches are in place?

Thank you,



But what is DST?  Is that a software package?  A company? Something to do with RFID’s?  Daylight Savings Time?  I really don’t know.

It turned out that the DST she was referring to was Daylight Savings Time.  That was near the bottom of the list of things I thought she could be talking about.