…And Then A Light Went On

John O and I were talking a while back about little things everyone could do to combat global warming. I told him that I was slowly switching over our house to the high efficiency lightbulbs. We agreed that the government should either start taxing incandescent bulbs to subsidize the high efficiency bulbs, or simply stop selling them. It sounds like the Australian government was listening.

Federal Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the standard incandescent light bulb, which has been around for 125 years, will be phased out by 2009.

It will be replaced by the compact fluorescent bulb which costs $5 more, but saves an average of $30 a year, and is around 80 per cent more energy efficient.

Mr Turnbull said new government standards will be in place by 2009.

“We are introducing new energy efficiency standards and these old lights simply won’t comply, they will be phased out and basically over a period of time they will no longer be for sale,”

At Walmart or Schnuck’s, it’s more like $5 more for a 4 or 6 pack of bulbs and each bulb will pay for the difference in price almost 10 times over when you consider the energy savings.

Mr Turnbull said the plan was expected to save up to two million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in Australia over time and, if introduced globally, could have an enormous impact.

“If the rest of the world supports us … follows our lead, this will reduce an amount of energy … to the tune of five times as much energy as Australia consumes,” he said.

“It’s a little thing but it’s a massive change.”

I have to admit that part of my decision to switch our house over is selfish.  I’m sick of changing light bulbs every couple of days (yes, we have that many lightbulbs). Once the change is complete, I won’t have to change another lightbulb until Justin can drive — 2012.

I have a high SQ, do you

Your Squid Quotient = 146.5

Interpreting your results: An average Squid Quotient is around 100. A SQ of 100 means you have a normal affinity for squid. A SQ above 100 means you have an attraction or fondness for squid. Below 100 means that you should probably stay away from the deep ocean.

Find yours.

Whack Job Anti-Science Nut Case Cynthia Davis at it again

How can my “Representative” in the Missouri legeslature be on the wrong side of so many issues? First she tried to ruin science education in our state and turn us into “the other Kansas” by teaching Intelligent Design instead of Biology. Next she came out in favor of discrimination. Then she decided cancer was a good thing and shouldn’t be prevented. Now she wants to gut our sex education classes.

Sex education classes in Missouri’s public schools would no longer be required to teach about contraception under a bill that would, instead, model instruction after a federal abstinence-only program.

Critics told a House committee Wednesday that the bill would gut the state’s sex education law, making it impossible for teachers to speak of any form of contraception other than abstinence.

“In essence, this bill would dismantle our current comprehensive sex education law,” said Michelle Trupiano of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri.

Davis has filed bills to amend Missouri’s sex education law for years. Last year, one of her bills cleared the House, but only after a provision on contraception instruction was deleted.

Under current law, schools that teach sex education are required to present the “latest medically factual information” on the benefits, side effects and failure rates of contraception.

Davis’ bill would strike that, saying instead that information on contraceptives and pregnancy should conform to a federal abstinence-only program.

The program makes no mention of contraception. Instead, it lists eight aspects of abstinence that should be taught, for example, that abstinence is the “expected standard for all school-aged children” and that sex outside marriage is likely to have “harmful psychological and physical effects.”

Davis said those guidelines do not mean that schools would be excluded from teaching concepts not listed in the federal program.

Aside from addressing contraception instruction, the bill also would prohibit sex education materials or services from being offered by abortion providers.

I really need to form PAUSE to combat this insanity.

It really frightens me that someone like Cynthia Davis or the other brain chrildren like Wayne Cooper have a direct impact on what my children are taught in school.

“I don’t understand why our school systems are assuming this parental responsibility and diluting their instructional time,” said Rep. Wayne Cooper, R-Camdenton.

Because you know, if you don’t teach kids how to have sex, they can’t have it.

UPDATE: If they really cared about what was being taught to our children, they should try looking at the text books. Our school uses Harcourt Brace Social Studies book for 3rd grade – I don’t know who DyAnne DiSalvo-Ryan is, but her story City Green in this book is awful, bordering on unreadable. The sentence structures are awkward, with use of past and present tense in a single paragraph or even sentence.

Then what do you know but my brother comes along [awkward]. My brother is tall and strong[passive voice]. … So all day long he piles junk in those bags and carries them to the curb.

Now, this time of day is early[yuck].

I don’t care if the story is in English, Spanish, or Chinese, if it’s in a text book, it should represent good writing. Unless of course, it’s as Justin said, “I guess they could use this for English class – Find all of the mistakes”

Best bets for food in the O’fallon, MO area.

  • Italian
    • Carrabba’s (HWY K – Across from Fritz’s)
      • Best Chain Italian food. The salad is lacking but the entre’s are good. Get the Pasta Weesie.
    • Rizzo’s (Mexico Road – West of HWY K)
      • Best family owned Italian food. The salad is great. I would eat there more, but it’s a bit of a drive for me.
  • Pizza
    • Saulo’s (Mexico Road near Cave Springs)
      • This is the closest I’ve found to Angelo’s/Pirrone’s/Saulo’s in North County. The original owner was a relative of the owner of Saulo’s in North County, so the pizza is close, but not quite the same. Get the Pepperoni and Sausage (I only order this combo from a good pizza restaurant, otherwise it’s Bacon and Jalapeno)

      Bino’s (Mid Rivers – Near the Mall) – Very similar to Angelo’s/Pirrones/etc

  • Mexican
    • Guacamole’s (HWY K at Mexico road)
      • There are a ton of other Mexican restaurants on HWY K. I’ve tried most, but Guacamole’s is by far the best. Great Chicken Enchilada’s — and I never order Chicken Enchilada’s anywhere else. — It looks like Guacamole’s closed (probably the crappy location).  There are several new mexican places on HWY K that I need to try.
  • Chinese Buffet
    • China Buffet and Grill (HWY K – Winding Woods)
      • There are several others, but China Buffet and Grill is the newest/cleanest, has the best buffet, has Crab Legs for dinner, and has Mongolian BBQ. They have a sister buffet down the street (At the far end of the Dierberg’s strip mall)
  • Thai
    • Sasi Thai Bistro (HWY K – Behind Fritz’s)
      • There are two other Thai restaurants on HWY K. I haven’t felt the need to try either – Sasi is that good.
  • Frozen Custard
    • Fritz’s (as if you didn’t know)
  • Steak House
    • Texas Roadhouse (by the Home Depot)
  • Indian
    • Bombay Grill – By the same people who do India Palace near the Airport.
  • Greek
    • Nope. Sorry. You have to drive to west county – 141 and Olive.
  • Barbeque
    • Ethel’s Smoke house — The only down side is there is both the smoke they cook with and the cigarette kind, although if you go early enough, this isn’t a problem.

Originally posted 10/3/2005.
Last updated: March 15, 2007


April 5, 2006 – February 17, 2007

Allison cockatiel, Skittles* died last night without warning.

Before we had Skittles, I never would have thought that I would have wanted a bird, now I can’t believe he is gone. Skittles had a great personality – much more than you would expect from a little bird. He would sit on your shoulder and nussle up against you. He would whistle songs if he wanted attention – and he learned them quickly. He could whistle Ode to Joy, Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, The Song That Gets on Everybody’s Nerves, and countless others.

We suspect that the cold weather may have contributed to his death. We think maybe his room was getting a little too cold at night, or perhaps he picked up a virus or something genetic. I suppose we will never know for sure.

We will miss him.

* A.K.A. Skibbles, Boo