• Wednesday the thermometer in the car read 40 on the way to work
  • Yesterday it read 60
  • Today it was back down to 35
  • What the #@$@!@#
  • Allison has a girl scout day camp tomorrow
  • I bet that will be cold
  • Speaking of girl scouts, I found all of my old merit badges, etc
  • From when I was a Boy Scout
  • I was never a Girl Scout
  • I also found a cool Magic Eye book – those things are cool.
  • But I didn’t find what I was looking for
  • Tomorrow I will spend most of the day painting part of the basement
  • But not the part where the merit badges were
  • Wee Fun
  • I don’t mind the painting so much
  • But  cleaning up afterwards sucks
  • At least my cold is pretty much done
  • Without using the Cold Eaze I should add.
  • The cure for the Medusiod Mycelium is Horseradish
  • But apparently Wasabi works too
  • I had Horseradish on my lunch today
  • Even though I haven’t been infected by the spores of a deadly mushroom from the Grim Grotto.

Friday – iPod Random 10 + 1

I’m still trying to get through all 795 songs on my  iPod.  This week brings us random songs 439 to 449.

  1. Come Monday (Jimmy Buffett – Songs You Know You Know)
  2. In The End (Green Day – Dookie)
  3.  Drive (The Cars – The Cars Greatest Hits)
  4. Love Less (New Order – Technique)
  5. I’m A Believer (Eddie Murphy – Shrek)
  6. To Be A Lover (Billy Idol – Vital Idol)
  7. Come On Darkness (Camper Van Beethoven – Key Lime Pie)
  8. Nothing (Depeche Mode – Music For The Masses)
  9. World (New Order – Republic)
  10. What’s True (Ziggy Marley – Conscious Party)
  11. Unbelievable (EMF – Schubert Dip)