Conversation with a neighbor kid…

Justin has started playing the Pokemon Trading Card game, so of course I had to learn how to play.  I was delivering Girl Scout Cookies with Danielle and saw that one of the neighbor kids had his cards out.

  • Me: Wow, you have a lot of Pokemon Cards
  • Kid: Yup.  Check out this one.
  • Me: Cool.  What would I have to trade you for those Ex cards.
  • Kid: A flat screen T.V.
  • Me: Hmmm.  Seems a little steep.

The Quarter’s Bracket

Here are my quarters picks for this years Tournament (I didn’t list the first round matchups, only the quarters first round picks).

Florida                 North Carolina
Arizona Florida             Marquette Marquette
Butler   Florida         Texas   So. Cal.
Davidson Butler             Texas Texas
N.Dame     Oregon     Texas     G.W
Oregon Oregon             G.W. Oral
UNLV   Oregon   S.Ill.     Georgetown   B.C.
Wisc UNLV             Georgetown Georgetown
KU         Texas       Ohio St.
Kentucky KU             Ohio St BYU
V.Tech   S.Ill     Texas   Ohio. St.   Long Beach
S.Ill S.Ill             Virginia Virginia
Duke     S.Ill     Ohio St     Stanford
Pitt Pitt             Stanford Penn
Ind   Ind         Stanford   Nevada
UCLA Ind             Memphis Memphis

Updated: 3/16/2007 – The quarter took a beating in day one.
Updated: 3/19/2007 – This year’s quarter sucks — I should spend it