Re: Lunch

Conversation with guy wiring our new office (GWONO):

  • Me (joking): Aren’t you done yet [he just started a few minutes befor]
  • GWONO : No, but it would go a lot faster if I actually remembered my tools.
  • Me: I know what you mean. If I actually remember to bring my lunch, I forget my laptop.
  • GWONO: I could see why that would be a problem.
  • Me: Which is probably why I never bring my lunch

A meeting ran over and caused us to go to lunch during the noon rush instead of our normal 10:30 or 11:00 am window.

The line at Subway was out the door.  I follow some guy into the parking lot. I hit the remote to unlock my doors, and he stops at my car and starts to get in

  • Me: Are you taking my car?
  • Him: huh?
  • Him: [looks into car]
  • Him: That is an Accord though, right?
  • Me: Yes
  • Him: So I’m not completely losing it.

Back at work.

  • Coworker:  Eating lunch at noon is Bull$#!+.
  • Me: Tell me about it.  The lines were huge.
  • Coworker: I know.  I got tired of the waiting and ended up knifing some guy and stealing his Crazy Bowl.
  • Me: That is quicker.
  • Coworker: And less expensive.