Carded Yet Again

I got carded yet again.  I think it was because I had just showered and shaved before I went to the grocery store so I had a definite baby face (Yes, even more than normal).

Meaning of Life Discovered

By Gil Le Bell (6/30/2003)

Since humans have inhabited the Earth, the question has been asked – “Why are we here? What is our purpose?” Beat Reporter Gil Le Bell has talked to government sources and scientist around the world. All agree that the meaning of life has been discovered. Most find the answer astonishing.

Since the Earth was first created, it has been on a quest to create styrofoam and plastics. At first the earth tried to create plastic and styrofoam on its own, but without success. Eventually the Earth began to create life forms in the hope that they would be able to create what it could not. All early species failed to achieve the goal, and the earth gave up on them. Humans however have finally given the Earth the one thing that it has always desired.

Why the Earth wants or needs these has yet to be determined, but without a doubt, plastics are its primary goal. Some speculate that the permanence of plastics make it appealing to the Earth. Now that the Earth has plastic in reasonable quantities, scientists believe that the Earth will slowly kill of the human race.

Evidence of this can be found through the number and types of deadly new diseases that are being discovered. Fear of AIDS will eventually prevent humans from procreating and diseases like SARS will kill of the remaining humans. In the mean time, if you wish to have meaning in your life, remember to consume products that come in plastic.

Friday – iPod Random 10 + 1
and blog shorts

  1. 99 Red Balloons (Nena)
  2. Strangelove (Depeche Mode)
  3. Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman (The Tubes)
  4. Dean’s Dream (The Dead Milkmen)
  5. Shiver and Shake (The Cure)
  6. Take Me To The River (Talking Heads)
  7. 99% (Soul Asylum)
  8. Kick (INXS)
  9. Regret (New Order)
  10. The Sun Maid (Soul Asylum)
  11. Not Too Soon (Throwing Muses)

Blog shorts:

  • As we were walking from the train to the bus in Chicago, we passed a person with a card board sign – “Homeless, please help.” As soon as we passed them, Allison said, “He wasn’t homeless; did you see how nice his clothes were?”
  • Justin and I leave for scout camp on Sunday — a week of camping, swimming, etc.
  • Firefox has a plug-in called Stumble Upon — You tell it the types of things you are interested in, and whenever you click the button it takes you to a site that other people with the same interest thought was cool.
  • Phil at work just sent an email that said – At 4am a rabbit tried to go under our fence and made us get up :(. It was a Volkswagen Rabbit. And the fence is (was) on a rock wall.

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Windy City (part 2)

  • Sunday (day) – We started off by going to Shedd Aquarium. It only took us one train and one bus to get there. The line to get in was a bit long, but once again, the kids thought it was worth it. We saw lots of strange/interesting/unique fish and turtles, but one of the highlight for me was that the octopus was very active. We had lunch at a sit down restaurant in the aquarium, with a great view of Lake Michigan. It was a little pricey, but well worth it when you consider the other option was a crowded food court. Plus they gave the father’s a free beer for Father’s Day. After the Aquarium, we took a bus (and a short walk) to Millennium Park where the kids played in the water along with hundreds of Chicagoans. We also sat on the grass and listened to a children’s choir and saw The Bean (a.k.a. Cloud Gate).
  • Sunday (evening) – We got a little late of a start looking for dinner (we were all beat after the Aquarium/ Millennium Park). The Mexican fish place we had planned to eat at had a line out the door, so Lucy recommended a Mexican restaurant on Chicago. Lucy went 2 for 2 on her restaurant choices (not bad for a 7 year old). It was my favorite kind of restaurant — a hole in the wall with authentic food and reasonable prices. There was virtually no wait, and the food was great (and plentiful — none of the adults finished their meals).
  • Monday – Justin and I went to the Field Museum while the girls went to the American Girl store for shopping and lunch. I can’t speak for the girls’ day (although they said it was great) , but we could have easily spent hours more at the Field Museum. As a bonus, since we are members of the St. Louis Science Center, our admission was free (except for the extra things we added on). We had a scary moment at the beginning when my phone rang –“Jim, where are the keys to the van …in my pocket (oh ^*^$&$% the girls dolls are in the van and the lunch was the whole purpose of the trip)… [luckily I had left the van unlocked]. We spent a full hour in a special exhibit on new dinosaur discoveries, and more than an hour in the Darwin exhibit (Justin would have spent even longer, but I warned him that we were going to run out of time). We spent an hour or more in the Egypt exhibit, and the rest of our time looking at various other exhibits (Sue, the gem room, rocks and minerals, …).