Whoopie for the Vick-ster

I think Frank fell for The View’s contrived controversy.

Goldberg defends Vick in ‘View’ debut
…Whoopi Goldberg used her first day on [The View] Tuesday to defend football star Michael Vick in his dogfighting case.Goldberg said that “from where he comes from” in the South, dogfighting isn’t that unusual.”It’s like cockfighting in Puerto Rico,” she said. “There are certain things that are indicative to certain parts of the country.”

I think her goal was to get people talking about her and writing about her on their blogs (which Frank, by his response has co opted me into doing).

So far I haven’t seen or heard any quotes saying she was defending Vick’s actions, just that she understood how he could do it based on his upbringing.

I can understand how people in India still burn witches because they use black magic. It’s still fricken crazy, but I can understand it based on their upbringing.

Killing bulls in a bull fight is just as barbaric as dog fighting, yet they still get tens of thousands of fans to fill the stands in Spain, Mexico, etc*.

I can understand how lots of these things get ingrained into a culture. There are obviously large portions of the Human Animal population that enjoy watching violent action.

It doesn’t make it right. It doesn’t make it acceptable. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t voice your opposition to it and try to educate people as to why you think/feel it is wrong.

* Yes, I know that some/many of the bull fights no longer kill the bulls, but that is a recent change.
** Is this a blatant contrived controversy between Frank and I to get people commenting on our blogs?

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I could always use another iPod.

…and, after all, it is THE TRUTH.*


SCQ also has a new monthly writing contest I may have to think about entering.

Spy network in your neighborhood.

By Gil Le Bell (8/4/2003)

EGI has just learned that a number of local stores are actually home of an international spy organization. The discovery was made when beat reporter Gil Le Bell noticed that a number of Walgreens pharmacies were going up within a few blocks of each other. In the St. Louis metropolitain area alone, one cannot travel more than 2 to 3 miles on any road without coming across a Walgreens.

Cole Dewed with the FBI went on record as saying, “The frequency of the stores, the average to above average prices of thier products, and the fact that they are all open 24 hours was a pretty good indication that something did not add up. Why would you need that many pharmacy/convenience stores that close together? The answer, of course, is you don’t. They can’t possibly be making money.”

When the FBI investigated Walgreens, they discovered a wide variety of everyday people going into the store at all hours of the day and night. Mr. Dewed explained, “As everyone knows, any good spy would appear to be an everyday person. They would not want to standout.”

Of course the smoking gun was the fact that all of the Walgreen’s stores are linked by satellite. This allows secret agents to quickly dump critical information off at any drive-thru pharmacy and have the information instantly available anywhere in the world.

It is believed that Russia, China, Iran, and Paraguay purchase information from the Walgreen’s spy organization.

Note: Walgreen’s is actually a reverse acronym for “Spies Needing Easy Escape Routes Given Limited Available Weapons”

Stacking the deck


Now THAT is what I call a card house.  The creators web site contains a gallery of his work and describes how he does it.  It is pretty amazing stuff.

Not surprisingly, I was trying to show Danielle how to build a card house the other day, and I was showing her the same basic grid technique that is at the heart of these creations.